World’s First Compact OBD Diagnostic Tool for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

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Selected for the 2017 Hot 100 Parts & Accessories List by American Motorcycle Dealer Magazine

LINDENHURST, NY – December 14, 2017 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Smart Vehicle Diagnostics LLC, a creator of unique diagnostic tools for automobiles, trucks and powersports vehicles, today announced its product’s selection for the 2017 Hot 100 Parts and Accessories list by American Motorcycle Dealer (AMD) magazine. AMD magazine is one of the leading trade journals in the motorcycle industry that addresses Harley-Davidson dealers and professionals in North America and Europe. Every year, it selects the most innovative and outstanding products for inclusion in its “AMD HOT 100 Parts & Accessories” list. Smart Vehicle Diagnostics’ Motorscan® smartphone On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) wireless tool for Harley-Davidson motorcycles has entered this prestigious list in 2017.

“Every year AMD Magazine features hundreds of product news items, from vendors all around the world,” according to Robin Bradley, editor-in-chief at AMD. “Most of them newly available to the V-twin market, or updates of existing designs. Our ‘AMD Hot 100’ program is designed to recognize and highlight selected items – those that we think are likely to be among the best, most interesting and most innovative of the year.”

“We are honored that our new product was named to the ‘Hot 100’ list by one of the industry’s most authoritative publications,” said Alex Leonov, Managing Partner at Smart Vehicle Diagnostics LLC. “We created the world’s first compact OBD diagnostic tool for motorcycles, so that bike riders could take advantage of OBD diagnostic technology and monitor their bike’s health on demand. Car drivers have been enjoying this technology for years, so why not have a similar device for motorcycles? The challenge is that, unlike cars, almost every motorcycle manufacturer uses a different OBD connector and has its own proprietary data protocol. We started with the most popular brand in the US, Harley-Davidson, and invented a tiny OBD device with a patent-pending design guaranteed to fit. It can be left on a bike while riding, and all real-time data is accessible via a smartphone app.”

Alex Leonov added: “The tool is a real win-win for both Harley owners and dealers. If I’m on the road, far from the dealership I usually go to, and the Check Engine light comes on, I’ll get the diagnostic report and email it to my mechanic at the dealership. If the issue is serious, I may have to go to a place nearby to take care of it, but with this tool I will avoid being taken advantage of and upsold on repairs I don’t need. Motorscan not only saves money for bike owners, it’s a great tool for dealers to stay connected to their customers and build long-term relationships.”

The Motorscan Bluetooth® adapter plugs into a motorcycle’s diagnostic port and can remain attached indefinitely. Using the Motorscan app, a bike owner can read trouble codes and conditions with detailed descriptions, clear the check engine light, access various bike systems, from the electronic control unit (ECU) to the dashboard, see live data parameters, look up the VIN number, view virtual gauges, and more. Bike owners can easily save diagnostic reports and email them to any mechanic with a touch of a button. Motorscan doesn’t interfere with system performance and can be used on multiple motorcycles.

There are two types of adapters available. The MSDKHD4 4-pin adapter is compatible with older models with Delphi engine control units and 4-pin J1850 OBD connectors. The MSDKHD6 6-pin adapter works with most of the newer CAN-Bus Harley-Davidson bikes with 6-pin OBD connectors. The tool covers most Harley-Davidson models from 2001 and up. You can check a motorcycle’s compatibility at The Motorscan smartphone app is available for Android or iOS devices. Motorscan smartphone diagnostics adapters for Harley-Davidson motorcycles are available at for $199.99 each with free shipping.

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