The Goal for Every Press Release is to be picked up by as many Media Outlets as possible.

Maximize the Press Release’s Performance

To Increase the likelihood of your press release being Published and Republished by as many media outlets as possible, we strongly suggest the following:

  • all of your Press Releases should be written in the “Standard Recognized Format” [A.P. / U.P.I. format] please see the attached Template below
  • meet or exceed all the suggestions listed below.

Motor Sports Newswire Publication, Distribution and Archiving service:

  • Press Release must be current to be effective ( the press release must be submitted to MSN within 24 hours of its original release ).
  • Press Release must fall under one of the following categories: New Product or Service, Event Announcement, Race Announcements and/or Business News.
  • Press Release covering Race Results and Events must be submitted within 48 hours after the completion of the event.
  • We ask that photos be as large as possible and be sent in the jpeg format, be sure to include the company logo, the “Featured Image” (the photo shown at the top of the press release must measure 678 wide x 381 tall pixels.
  • Attach photo(s) to the email, do not place them within the Word doc. as this degrades the appearance of the picture(s).
  • Please send the release attached to your email in MS Word or simply paste the text into the body of the email, pdf. files will not be accepted.
  • If you would like to include a YouTube video that directly relates to the release, please include the hyperlink, or you may use a mp4 file that does not exceed 128 MB.
  • Be sure to include all the hyperlinks you wish to use within the press release.

Press Release Template / Standard Recognized Format

All of your press releases will remain in our database for 60 months or until you choose to have it removed which ever comes first.
By using MSN for the publishing, distribution and archive of your press release(s) you agree to abide by all standards as set-forth by Motor Sports Newswire and accept full responsibility for the content of your release(s).

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The distribution of your Must-Hear Messages is not an expense to be budgeted for.

Reaching out to your targeted market is an investment in your business and should be treated as such. Like any investment, it needs to be accurately measured and tracked to determine your ROI.

Return On Investment and Personal Service are our watchwords. Delivering this level of service requires a One-on-One approach, this is why we limit the number of Motor Sport Newswire clients.

One-on-One personal attention, ideas, plans, action and results is the Motor Sports Newswire Client experience.

When you’re a client of the Motor Sports Newswire you will rest assured with the knowledge your communications will reach their intended target, on time, every time.

You get access to outstanding and valuable tools and benefits:

  • Specifically Targeted Distribution of your news and/or product releases through Motor Sports Newswire,
  • 1,825 days of online archiving of your release, making your news and/or product information available to whomever wishes to access it for as long as you wish,
  • Motor Sports Newswire puts you in control and allows you to build the best message possible. You can include your images, logos, hyperlink(s) and text, customize and save targeted distributions,
  • Media Relations expertise. Our staff of professional media relations experts continuously expand and deepen relationships with all types of media so your message gets delivered where you want, when you want, how you want.
  • Motor Sports Newswire firmly believes in continuing education, focusing on the latest technology and communication methods.
  • Access to the most robust communications distribution network available in the motorsports industry reaching.
  • Reach potentially thousands of Web sites, databases and online services, search engines, as well as new channels of online television etc.,
  • Have your News and/or Product Release delivered straight to Leading Trade and Consumer publications – online and off.

Additional Benefits Available to Clients Include:

  • Personalized assistance to help you spot errors and advise you of the best methods to target and distribute your message, so it reaches the audiences you want to reach in the most effective and efficient manner.
  • Video production, distribution and hosting for product placement (news / education / entertainment)

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