2022 Kawasaki JET SKI Ultra 310 Supercharged Personal Watercraft Series

2022 JET SKI® ULTRA® 310X (678)


FOOTHILL RANCH, CA – October 5, 2021 – (Motor Sports NewsWire) – The all-new 2022 Kawasaki Jet Ski® Ultra® 310 series has been thoroughly redesigned and refined to improve comfort, handling, and premium amenities, while maintaining the legendary performance of the Kawasaki Jet Ski® Ultra® line of personal watercraft.

2022 JET SKI® ULTRA® 310X (2)

The Jet Ski Ultra 310 flagship platform utilizes a supercharged engine that powerfully propels a sport-handling hull, offering all the performance and excitement one has come to expect from Kawasaki. The 2022 Jet Ski Ultra 310 series now comes with class-leading features from nose to tail, including an abundance of technology, performance, and comfort enhancements along with a robust line of accessories make it hard to stay away from the water.

Developed for fun, excitement, and comfort, the Jet Ski Ultra 310 series is powered by the legendary liquid-cooled, supercharged, in-line 4-cylinder, 1498cc marine engine and when paired with new features including launch control, power mode selection, and an array of equipment features, the Jet Ski® Ultra® 310X leaves little to question. For 2022, the Ultra 310 line will come in three model variations with the Jet Ski Ultra 310X, Jet Ski® Ultra® 310LX-S, and the Jet Ski® Ultra® 310LX.

Highlights of the All-New 2022 Jet Ski® Ultra® 310 Series

  • NEW Kawasaki Smart Reverse with Deceleration (KSRD)
  • NEW 7” TFT instrumentation with smartphone connectivity and multiple display modes
  • NEW Power mode selection
  • NEW Kawasaki Launch Control Mode (KLCM)
  • NEW Functional storage featuring an easy side-access storage space
  • NEW Slim seat
  • NEW Spacious foot wells
  • NEW Easy-access cleats
  • NEW 3D deck design with Kawasaki River Mark badging
  • Class-leading supercharged, intercooled 4-stroke engine
  • Advanced 22.5 degree deep-v hull

All-New 2022 Jet Ski® Ultra® 310LX-S Additional Features:

  • NEW Rear-view camera
  • NEW Ultra deck with two multi-mount rails
  • NEW LED accent lights

All-New 2022 Jet Ski® Ultra® 310LX Additional Features:

  • NEW 3-position ERGO-FIT® adjustable LXury seat
  • NEW JETSOUND® 4s integrated audio system
  • NEW Meter visor


  • NEW Power mode selection
  • NEW Kawasaki Launch Control Mode (KLCM)
  • NEW Kawasaki Smart Reverse with Deceleration (KSRD)
  • NEW 7” TFT instrumentation with smartphone connectivity and multiple display modes
  • NEW Easy-access side storage

Various electronic riding aids have been upgraded on the Jet Ski Ultra 310 series for 2022, including the ability to select power modes. Riders now have the option to choose from a set of four power modes including full, middle, low and SLO (Smart Learning Operation). When using the standard full power mode key, riders will be able to easily switch back and forth between different power modes using a “mode” button on the left handlebar, ideal for adjusting levels of power based on riding conditions, skill, or preference. When full power mode is selected, riders can fully experience the amazing potential of the supercharged engine. Middle and low power modes reduce the amount of power available from the engine, with middle power mode engine output adjusted to 80% of full power and low power mode to 60% of full power. By default, the engine starts in middle power mode and the SLO power mode is achieved using the secondary SLO key.

A new Kawasaki Launch Control Mode (KLCM) has been added to the system package, offering two modes to benefit acceleration. When accelerating with the system engaged, the trim is automatically adjusted to suit the vehicle’s speed. In single mode, once set, the KLCM is only active for the first acceleration period, whereas in repeat mode, the KLCM is active each time the rider accelerates from a slow speed.

Kawasaki Smart Reverse with Deceleration (KSRD) also makes its debut on the Ultra 310 series lineup, with new reverse assist options added to the already reliable system. The system is activated when a thumb switch on the right handlebar is pushed which enables the thrust to be controlled with one hand. Now, when the thumb switch is fully depressed, the Trim up and down buttons can be used to increase or decrease the engine rpm to adjust thrust, allowing for more precise control when maneuvering the watercraft in tight spots, such as docking. When the reverse thumb switch is released, the drive mode returns to neutral, and engine returns to idle.

An all-new 7” TFT display adorns the dash of the Ultra 310 series, offering multiple display modes, jog-dial control, Bluetooth® connectivity, and various entertainment features. Riders can toggle among three different display modes (Digital Speedometer, Analogue Tachometer, Digital Speedometer and Jet Ski Image) to present their information in a way that suits their riding style, and the screen background can be set to either black or white. Screen brightness adjusts automatically based on the available outside light but can also be adjusted manually to suit the rider’s preference. The instrument’s large screen makes it an ideal tool to use for a variety of infotainment functions including a GPS way point indicator, vehicle information, rearview camera monitor and audio track display.

Screen display functions include a GPS-based speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge, drive mode, boost pressure, clock, power mode, compass, trim, Bluetooth indicator, phone call indicator, mail indicator, economical riding indicator, cruise control, and a selectable display that includes a digital tachometer, trip meter, total time, trip time, oil temperature, engine coolant temperature, battery voltage, intake air temperature, diagnostic code, external air temperature, external water temperature. An economical riding indicator also appears on the display to help indicate ideal fuel consumption and help the rider maximize fuel efficiency.

Surrounding the screen are a variety of indicator lamps that help to provide easy, at-a-glance information to the rider. These lamps include GPS, low fuel, engine, oil, battery, engine coolant temperature, immobilizer, master warning, trim, and reverse.

Industry first easy-access storage with openings to the side can be found on the Ultra 310 series. The gullwing design, inspired by modern-day supercars, will make the Jet Ski Ultra watercraft the envy of the marina. The large-capacity, 124 liter (32.8 gallon) front storage area offers plenty of room for items and offers easy-access storage for an additional 40 liters (10.6 gallons) of space on both the left and right side of the unit. The side-access storage areas are a highly convenient place to keep frequently used items. The right-side waterproof storage compartment comes fully equipped with a USB outlet for charging and storing electronic devices. At the rear of the seat, the new easy-access rear pocket offers 2.8 liters (0.7 gallons) of storage for a docking line, tools, or any other additional small items. New dual cupholders have been added to the center console, conveniently located between the TFT display and handlebars.

The popular One-Touch 5mph mode returns to the lineup of Jet Ski watercraft, activated by pushing a button on the right handlebar when idling and deactivated when the throttle is applied. A new dash indication helps to notify riders of this mode being active with a drive mode indicator that pops up on the screen that reads “5mph”. When riding into a headwind or with a load on board, riders are now able to push on the cruise control UP button to adjust the rpm output between three levels to increase the rpms and maintain the maximum no-wake speed.


  • NEW Luxury styling from the deck up
  • NEW 3D deck design
  • NEW Kawasaki River Mark distinction

The Jet Ski Ultra 310 series features new styling for 2022, improving looks, comfort, and performance. All-new from the deck up, the Ultra 310 was completely restyled and given a fresh image, influenced heavily by the aggressive styling found on Kawasaki’s Z line of motorcycles. The Ultra’s dynamic luxury design is carried down from its predecessors but given a three-dimensional feel for a luxurious high-grade finish across the Ultra 310 line. Distinct deck mat designs were created for each Ultra 310 model and, for the first time in the history of the Jet Ski watercraft, the prestigious Kawasaki River Mark decorates the hood, a firm representation of the brand’s collective technological prowess for this new flagship series of watercraft.

Attractive and functional mirrors are redesigned for 2022 and have a larger surface area while keeping a luxurious design, offering increased rearward view without sacrificing looks. The Ultra 310LX and Ultra 310LX-S feature colored mirror covers to further enhance the look, with the LX receiving painted covers and LX-S sporting black covers.


  • NEW Slim seat
  • NEW Spacious foot wells
  • NEW Easy-access cleats

Rider leg room has increased on the 2022 Ultra 310 series. By lowering the deck 1.38 inches and creating a flatter surface, riders are granted more space for increased comfort. A new two-piece, three-person seat adds to the passenger comfort, with a 3.15 inch slimming at the knee level of the seat that allows for increased abilities for stand-up riding and more room for passengers. A new front bumper with built-in water disbursement channels offers increased splash protection, and a higher rear bumper makes it harder for water to wash up on the deck when turning.

The inside of the bow is reinforced to help handle the high horsepower that the supercharged engine produces, and a wide rear deck space behind the seat gives ample room to set up for various activities. The roomy rear deck also assists in re-boarding the unit from the water. A long re-boarding step also helps with the re-boarding process and can be easily retracted into the bumper to help prevent damage.

A five-way adjustable handlebar suits a wide range of riders and riding styles, allowing for comfortable riding positions whether standing or sitting. The handlebar grips have been repositioned to match the lowered deck, and the revised throttle lever has a lighter pull, increasing the rider’s comfort while operating the watercraft. A new Multi-Mount System features Multi-Mount Bars built into the handlebars that allow for accessories, like GPS, phone, or camera mounts, to be added with ease. An additional Multi-Mount Bar is built into the rear of the unit.

New built-in easy-access cleats have been added to the Ultra 310 line, providing convenient cinch points when anchoring at a dock or shoreline. Located on both sides of the unit, their clever design aids in the redirection of water overboard.


The Ultra 310X line has a 1,498cc inline four-cylinder DOHC with supercharger engine and digital fuel injection. that puts some serious power to the water, and is the basis for an open-water, unbelievably fun powerplant. It pushes its race-inspired hull design, which can easily carve turns or propel across the top of the water with ease and poise.

The engine offers incredible push thanks to its roots-type Eaton Twin Vortices Series (TVS) supercharger. This supercharger features a pair of four-lobe rotors to boost engine output and smooth throttle response. The key lies in its displacement design, which produces large quantities of boost at any RPM, from idle to redline, giving the Ultra 310 instant and powerful acceleration.

The Ultra 310 with class-leading power from the supercharged engine, has seamless power delivery due to its ability to channel compressed air through the engine at a steady rate, instead of in waves, and its liquid-cooled intercooler helps to cool the compressed intake charge before it enters the combustion chambers. Pressurizing the intake air heats it to extremely high temperatures which would rob power, but the liquid cooled intercooler reduces intake air to ambient temperature, or lower, for higher combustion efficiency and more power.

The Ultra 310 engine was built for long-lasting durability in a supercharged application. Pistons have a V-groove at the second ring (between the top and second ring grooves) for more consistent oil retention at high loads, and to aid piston cooling, the dual piston coiling oil coats each piston for enhanced performance. A dry slump oil tank is built directly into the crankcase, which also has large return holes to facilitate oil return to the pan. Partitions in the pan prevent oil from accumulating on one side, ideal when making tight turns and during moments of acceleration or deceleration.

The cooling system uses a check valve to help keep the engine at the optimum temperature whether idling at the dock or running at full speed across the water. The Ultra 310 series also incorporates an anti-knock sensor that helps to improve engine protection by retarding ignition to suppress abnormal combustion should it occur. The system activates a buzzer, and the condition is indicated on the instrument panel to alert the rider.

A great example of Kawasaki’s engineering exists in the Ultra 310 series’ super-efficient oil cooler, which helps minimize engine temperatures by circulating oil between two cooling jackets, resulting in reliable, class-leading horsepower.


Loaded with technology from Kawasaki’s championship winning machines, the race-inspired hull of the Jet Ski Ultra 310 handles with accuracy and precision, providing confidence on the water. Specifically designed to handle the immense output from the supercharged engine, the hull achieves a balance between strength and light weight, making for the perfect watercraft. The deep V-hull design allows for superior banked-turn performance with a thickness that balances strength and lightweight properties to balance the engine’s high output, offering high performance and responsive handling in a variety of water conditions. With a lower overall hull design, the engine’s power delivery is equally distributed over the wide area of the craft.

The bottom of the hull has a steep upwards slant to help penetrate large swells and waves and lessen the shock, allowing for the Ultra 310 models to be stable in calm waters and cut through waves and wakes instead of bouncing over them. A groove that runs from the center to the rear of the ride plate makes it easier to hold a straight course, and the Quattro KSD (Kawasaki Splash Deflectors) help to deflect water from splashing forward and reduces spray during high-speed turns. Sponsons exten outwards from the hull to provide stable and reliable straight-line performance while contributing to the maneuverability when changing directions at higher speeds.

The Ultra 310 line has extensive cruising range thanks to its 21.1-gallon fuel tank, offering more fuel capacity than any machine in its class.


  • NEW Ultra deck with two multi-mount rails (LX and LX-S Models)
  • NEW Rear-view camera (LX and LX-S Models)
  • NEW LED accent lights (LX and LX-S Models)

In addition to all the great features offered on the 2022 Ultra 310 series, the Jet Ski Ultra 310LX-S model comes with an exclusive Ultra Deck, an extended rear deck that offers 7.9 inches of additional staging platform for water play and storing gear. Like the standard rear deck, the retractable re-boarding step helps to ease the re-boarding process, and two Multi-Mount Bars are built into the Ultra deck to accommodate additional accessory slide mounts and provide accessible tie-down points. Additionally, the Ultra 310LX-S comes equipped with a rearview camera, which can be monitored on the instrument panel when in use. Mounted behind the rear seat, the rearview camera offers an additional rear view that can be beneficial when docking the watercraft or towing. The camera provides an impressive view range at 155° horizontally and 115° vertically (± 5°), allowing the operator to feel comfortable about what’s behind them. Stylish LED accent lights are also added to the front of the Jet Ski, built right into the bumper to help contribute to the fierce image and visually set the Ultra 310LX-S apart from the crowd.


  • NEW 3-position ERGO-FIT® adjustable LXury seat
  • NEW JETSOUND® 4s integrated audio system
  • NEW Meter visor

The Jet Ski Ultra 310LX takes luxury and style to a whole new level, featuring all of the great performance and convenience of the Ultra 310X and Ultra 310LX-S and adding an incomparable seat and sound system. An industry-first 3-position ERGO-FIT adjustable LXury seat comes standard on the Ultra 310LX and is designed for comfortable cruising for up to three people. Users can choose between three seating positions, spanning 2.75 inches and 1.4 inches apart. With a completely redesigned shape and revised urethane, the two-piece seat offers deeper hip support for all riders, and added padding contributes to the high-quality feel of the seat. To add even more luxury, the seat is finished in a black and brown UV resistant cover with high-contrast white stitchwork, a first among the Jet Ski range. On hot days, the seat absorbs less heat between rides thanks to being covered with a special heat-resistant material.

JETSOUND® 4s is a highlight of the Ultra 310LX, becoming the first standard-equipment 4-speaker integrated audio system feature with jog-dial control and Bluetooth® connectivity featured on a personal watercraft. The system includes an amp and jog-dial controller located on the left side of the 7” TFT display, and a pair of speakers are positioned next to the display. An additional set of speakers can be found below the mirrors and are positioned upward towards the rider for maximum hearing ability. Amps are rated at a max of 200 watts via two channels, and speakers are rated at 60W x 2 and 35W x 2. The JETSOUND 4s system is compatible with iPhones and other smartphone devices, as well as audio players that are Bluetooth compatible, and audio control can be easily viewed on the TFT display.

A stylish meter visor completes the luxury touch on the Ultra 310LX, further distinguishing it from its Ultra 310 brethren.


Standard accessories for the Ultra 310LX includes the ULTRA Deck, rearview camera, accent lights, JETSOUND 4s integrated audio system feature, ERGO-FIT LXury Seat, and meter visor, and can be fitted to the Ultra 310X and Ultra 310 LX-S models for added customization.

In addition to the existing Jet Ski Ultra 310 accessories, new Kawasaki Genuine Accessories will include a stern bag, soft cooler, dry duffle bag, easy-access storage bag, dry bag, Vacu-Hold® Jet Ski cover, rear rack and tie down.


The 2022 Jet Ski Ultra 310X is available in Ebony/Turquoise with an MSRP of $17,199, with the Jet Ski Ultra310LX-S available in Ebony/Lime Green at an MSRP of $18,199 and the Jet Ski 310LX available in Ebony/Gold with an MSRP of $19,199. 

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