Tucker Lands ZULZ for Powersports Distribution

High-quality active lifestyle bags designed to “Pack Your Passion™.”

FORT WORTH, TX – January 8, 2018 – (Motor Sports Newswire) –  Tucker is proud to announce a new distribution partnership with ZULZ that will provide powersports dealers with new luggage options. ZULZ delivers an all-new unique sleek design using top-of-the-line materials and zippers. Product development and testing come from an extensive background in bag production as well as invaluable feedback from top athletes who are already using and endorsing the ZULZ lifestyle including; Travis Pastrana, Jeremy McGrath, Damon Bradshaw, Harry Bink, Jarryd McNeil and many more.

ZULZ owner, Chad Zulian has many years of powersports experience, including having worked for another well-known luggage company. “I’ve been around powersports my entire life, both racing and working, so it was an obvious and logical decision to create the ZULZ brand. To be honest, it has all moved much more quickly than I anticipated. I mean, I’ve been talking about this for nearly ten years but it wasn’t until early 2016 when I started putting things in motion, and then in November 2017 it was launched. To be rolling into 2019 with distribution through Tucker is a feeling that’s hard to describe, especially since I’ve been through this same process when I worked for a much larger brand.”

ZULZ bags are designed to accommodate those with a dynamic, active lifestyle. The company is on a mission to actively participate in the lives of those who live their passion and to build authentic and meaningful relationships with its customers, partners, and community.

“For me, product quality is an unwritten rule so as soon as I decided to take this challenge, I knew exactly which design team to hire and what factories to use to ensure the product was as solid and innovative with an edge on the competition. From there, it literally boils down to the power of relationships and the passion I have for them. And since I’ve worked with many of the people at Tucker in the past, it made the decision a lot easier,” says Zulian.

Equally fitting for a racer gearing up for a day at the track or a corporation looking for a new exciting travel-focused inventive gift for employees or clients, ZULZ bags offer an innovative functionality that can meet your needs with superior attention to detail.

There is no doubt that ZULZ is here to stay and is ready to make a big impact in the powersports industry. Don’t delay, get out there and, “Pack Your Passion™️.””

ZULZ products now offered by Tucker include: 

  • ZEUS Gearbag – Bottom line…the best all-around gearbag you can have. Engineered with a “mobile locker” mentality, ZEUS finally provides you with organization and structure to whatever you’re using it for.
  • Primetime Travel Bag – The ultimate quick trip traveler can’t go wrong with the Primetime. This carry-on bag hooks you up with true functionality and durability. And, ZULZ has the corporate world in mind with front panels specifically designed to offer plenty of co-branded real estate for customization.
  • Showtime Travel Bag – The big brother to Primetime. When you’re heading out for that extended vacation and need just a bit more room for all your clothes, shoes… and then some, look no further than Showtime!
  • Pivot Backpack – With a unique look that stands out from the rest, the Pivot is essential to life on the go. The hard box pocket on top of the bag will keep your sunnies or phone safe and at your fingertips while the suspended drop-in laptop sleeve keeps you on top of your game.

ZULZ products will be available soon from Tucker’s five distribution centers.

For more information about Tucker, visit www.tucker.com. To become an authorized Tucker dealer visit www.tucker.com/becoming-a-dealer.

For more information about ZULZ, visit www.zulzbagco.com.

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