Alta Motors Announces the 2019 Redshift EXR

2019 Alta Motors Redshift EXR

Offering more power and capability than ever before, the Redshift EXR empowers riders with the control and confidence to ride faster, safer and smoother

BRISBANE, CA – June 13, 2018  – (Motor Sports Newswire) –  Alta Motors, the leader in high-performance electric motorcycles, today announced the release of its highly-anticipated Redshift EXR. The 2019 Redshift EXR is the ideal multi-terrain motorcycle for the performance enthusiast, but equally intuitive and easy to ride for beginners. It recently made a clandestine global debut at the notorious Erzberg Rodeo and made history as the first electric bike to ever qualify for the main event. Ty Tremaine positioned his EXR on the front row in 43rd position, ahead of 457 other bikes, proving the EXR’s performance in the most extreme race conditions.

2019 Alta Motors Redshift EXR

“The Redshift EXR climbs ridiculously well,” said Ty Tremaine. “Even on the most treacherous trails, like the Iron Mountain, its really intuitive and easy to control. Hands down, this is the best enduro bike on the market, and a lot of fun to ride.”

Alta created a bike that can be ridden to local trails and unleashed to flow through off-road obstacles and effortlessly conquer even the most daunting hill climbs. Impossible to stall and incredibly sure-footed, the EXR is a purebred, single-track slayer with street legal capabilities. As a zero-emission, street legal dirt bike, the Redshift EXR has full access to all areas that permit off-highway vehicles, regardless of the season. With minimal engine noise, the riding experience heightens the rider’s senses to the terrain around them while promoting responsible land usage.

2019 Alta Motors Redshift EXR

The 2019 Redshift EXR will be available at over 60 dealerships nationwide midyear.

Key Features and Benefits

Building off of Alta’s industry-leading A-pack technology, the highest-energy density battery ever put in a motorcycle, the new R-Pack represents the next evolution in battery performance. Alta’s new R-Pack utilizes state-of-the-art cell chemistry that delivers extended full-power range at cooler operating temperatures. The Redshift platform’s firmware and software upgrades result in more range, increased power and faster charge times, making the 2019 EXR one of the most capable multi-terrain motorcycles available.

Alta’s proprietary software is developed to be lean and elegant. The company’s development cycles are extremely fast and have enabled Alta to create the most refined throttle feel in the industry as well as swiftly release new controls and capabilities. Four unique performance maps allow the rider to change the power delivery character, engine braking freewheel, and flywheel effects. The Open loop “rate of change” torque control has a response rate of 5,000Hz, yielding the closest thing to “theoretically perfect” torque control yet achieved in the motorcycle industry. The seamless drive technology lets you focus on the terrain and the obstacles rather than what the engine clutch and transmission need from you. This means more of your attention is on the ride.

Full Specs: 2019 Alta Redshift EXR

Top Speed

71 MPH


50hp, 42 ft-lbs

Charge Time

1.5 Hrs (240v)

3 Hrs (120v)

Front Tire

Metzeler 6 Days 80/100-21

Rear Tire

Metzeler 6 Days 120/90-18


WP Xplor 48


WP Alta Custom Spec

Front Brake

Brembo 260mm rotor, Brembo dual piston caliper

Rear Brake

Brembo 220mm rotor, Brembo single piston caliper

Curb Weight (wet)

273 pounds


58.75 in

Seat Height

36.5 in




113 mm

Triple Clamp

18/22 mm adj


Cycra Stealth



About Alta Motors

Alta Motors is a global leader in lightweight electric vehicles with a proprietary mobility platform that offers new levels of power density and economics. It leads the industry with a complete portfolio of battery and drivetrain components, an existing fleet of lightweight vehicles manufactured at its world-class Brisbane, California, facility and a full customer backlog. Alta’s award-winning Redshift platform is now available to riders at over 60 U.S. dealerships across the United States. Please visit us at:

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