Peter Cunningham Runs On Forgeline Wheels at Pikes Peak

Cunningham Pikes Peak Acura TLX - Forgeline Motorsports

DAYTON, OH – June 7, 2018 – (Motor Sports Newswire) –  RealTime Racing’s (RTR) Peter Cunningham will be making the climb up Pikes Peak for the Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb on June 24 in an Acura TLX GT running on Forgeline wheels. As a veteran racer, Cunningham has used Forgeline wheels for a number of years, trusting the brand for the lightweight strength the wheels provide.

The trail at Pikes Peak climbs from 9,320 feet to 14,115 feet, covering 156 corners during the course of the 12.42 mile race. As drivers move toward the summit of Pikes Peak, the thinning air robs the internal combustion engines of up to 30 percent of their performance while racers themselves feel a decline in mental and physical strength due to the lower oxygen. Both drivers and their vehicles must be in prime condition to finish the race, let alone win. With this in mind, the strength of every component of the vehicle is of the utmost importance, including the wheels on which the vehicle runs.

Forgeline Wheels GTD1 Graphite

“I’ve had a long relationship with the team at Forgeline Motorsports, so I am confident their wheels will get me to the summit,” Cunningham said. “The fit and finish are phenomenal, but it’s the strength and light weight of the wheels that makes Forgeline my brand of choice for the Pikes Peak Hill Climb.”

Cunningham will be using the GTD Competition Series wheel from Forgeline Motorsports as he races to the summit of Pikes Peak. Crafted from forged 6061-T6 aluminum, the wheels feature I-beamed spokes, deeply-machined centers and aggressive load ratings which result in extremely stiff and strong yet very lightweight wheels.

“We’ve known Peter for more than 20 years and are always pleased to work with him,” said Dave Schardt, President of Forgeline Motorsports. “Peter is an exceptional racer with an amazing track record, so we’re very pleased he’s once again selected Forgeline for his Acura, especially on a course as rigorous as Pikes Peak.”

The American-made wheels are designed and forged at the company’s Dayton, Ohio facility. Each set of wheels is custom-crafted with any fit, finish or powder coating options a customer desires. While preparing for the race, Cunningham used Forgeline’s GTD wheels in gray. However, for the actual event, Acura’s Head of Global Design has specifically chosen the GTD wheels to be powder coated in Cosmic Blue to match the new livery on the Acura TLX GT.

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