Repealing motorcycle helmet laws does have a health benefit: More organ donors

Helmet Laws

May 3, 2018

As Missouri becomes the latest state to consider relaxing mandatory helmet laws for motorcyclists, some critics — or cynics — have suggested that repeal has at least one health benefit: more organ donors.

There is at least one oft-cited study that suggests that they’re right. The research even suggests — in the cool, precise language of probabilities and percentages — that every motorcyclist who dies in a crash without a helmet is in some ways sacrificing one life for another.

In 2011, economists at Michigan State University published research in the Journal of Law and Economics saying that organ donors from. . .

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Source: The Washington Post

The Washington Post

We don’t normally share stories, our focus is the publication, distribution and archiving of motorsports corporate communication. However, in this case as we approach peak riding season I though it was something worth pondering.

Jon Simms

Motor Sports Newswire