Carl Reese’s Multiple World Record Motorcycle Rolls to Las Vegas Auction

Carl Reese will auction his record-setting motorcycle on January 26th, 2019. Motorcycle collectors take note: This multiple world record holding motorcycle will be sold with no reserve. Bidding available online here

LOS ANGELES, CA – January 7, 2019 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – If the name Carl Reese sounds familiar, it’s because he has set multiple Guinness and Cannonball records. Categories range from everything from BMW motorcycles to Tesla electric vehicles. Reese is driven by the singular goal of raising awareness to worthy charities.

Enthusiast and collectors will be given the rare opportunity to own a piece of history at the Mecum Auction being held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Carl Reese has decided to let his multi-record holding, 2015 BMW K1600GT go to the highest bidder. Reese is generously donating 20% of the proceeds to the “Motorcycle Relief Project.” This charity is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides relief to veterans and first responders with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and other injuries by taking them on structured and professionally led, multi-day motorcycle adventure tours.

Reese’s BMW 1600GT motorcycle currently holds the standing world records for:

  1. In August 2015, the motorbike was piloted by Reese and set the “Motorcycle Cannonball” record from Los Angeles to New York in a mere 38 hours 49 minutes. Besting the time of 42 hours held by George Egloff in 1983.
  2. In February 2017, Reese once again rode the bike into the history books by breaking the official Guinness World Record for the “Greatest Distance In 24 Hours On A Motorcycle,” completing a total of 2116.5 miles, with an average speed of 94 mph. The record was set at Continental Proving Grounds track in Uvalde, TX. Reese bested the distance held by Rusty Vaughn in 2011.

The Motorcycle: 2015 BMW K1600GT: 1,649 cc (100.6 cu in) straight-six transverse-mounted, six-speed, shaft drive, fuel capacity of 15.5 gallons. Orignally purchased from West Valley Cycle Sales the oldest BMW Motorrad Dealer in the United States.

Upgraded Equipment Included:

  • Clearwater Lights (totaling 30,000 lumens light) w/CanOpener
  • BST Carbon Fiber Rims from Brock’s Performance
  • EarthX Lithium Battery
  • GPS Insight® Global Tracking System
  • Lidar Cloaking
  • Russell Daylong Seat
  • ZTechnik® windshield
  • AltRider Engine guards
  • Modular 8 1/2 gallon auxiliary gas tank (custom rotational one off)
  • Worldwide Ceramic bearings

The winning bidder will also recieve memorabilia: Guinness World Record, Letter of Authenticity, Certificate of Origin, Signed Photograph, Official Licensed BMW Motorrad T-Shirt w/the bike featured, portable 6’ 6” vertical color trade-show banner.

Reese was quoted saying, “My desire is that ultimately the motorcycle will be displayed where others can enjoy it. I’m thinking BMW Motorrad, Barber Motorcycle Museum, Max BMW or Jay Leno will purchase it and display it. Whoever wins it will not only have a great bike with loads of extras, they will own a piece of motorcycle history. One thing is for sure; I will miss this bike.“

About Carl Reese

Carl Reese is a 49-year-old endurance driver. Reese has set more transcontinental records than anyone since Edwin “Cannonball” Baker. Reese and his team have set nine world records, most notably the Solo Motorcycle “Cannonball” Record from Los Angeles to New York in 38 hours and 49 minutes. Reese was born in Mercer County, Pennsylvania and now resides in Pine Mountain Club, California. Reese is active on Facebook at

About Motorcycle Relief Project

Motorcycle Relief Project (MRP) is a 501(c) 3 tax-exempt nonprofit organization that provides relief to veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder and other injuries by taking them on multi-day motorcycle adventure tours. Our mission is to honor and encourage veterans while providing them with opportunities to decompress, get unstuck and connect with other veterans. Donations can be made here:

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About Brock’s Performance

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About AltRider

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More About West Valley Cycle Sales

West Valley Cycle Sales is the Oldest BMW Motorrad Dealer in North America. Family owned since 1950. Located in Winnetka, CA

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Source: Carl Reese

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