Eziah Davis (#79) Riding for CW Moto at MotoAmerica NJMP Round

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CW Moto Racing announces rider for New Jersey Motosports Park
MotoAmerica Round, thanks sponsors for ongoing support

SEATTLE, WA – September 7, 2022 – (Motor Sports NewsWire) – After a solid debut with the team at this year’s Ridge Round, Eziah Davis (#79) is returning to the CW Moto Racing Yamaha R1 in the Stock 1000 and Superbike Cup classes this week. Since the Ridge, CW Moto and Crew Chief Chris Lobkovich supported other riders and teams at the Laguna and Brainerd rounds and missed the Pittsburgh round to support CW Moto shop customers and other pacific northwest racers in the WMRRA / OMRRA combined round in August. The schedule changes were made to enable the CW Moto program to return for the end of the MotoAmerica season.

“We’re excited to be back on track with MotoAmerica this week, and looking forward to seeing all of our friends, competitors and fans out there. We’re ready to race,” said Chris Lobkovich, Owner and Crew Chief of CW Moto Racing.

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“We’re very excited to get EZ back on the bike,” Chris added. “He performed excellently for the team at the Ridge Round, and his work ethic and enthusiasm really made an impression on us. We knew EZ from Champ School, so we knew he was a professional and talented rider, but the teamwork he exhibited during the Ridge Round made for a great round for the team despite the challenges we experienced there.”

Davis is supported by the crew at Alpha Omega (@alphaomega_usa on Instagram) and would like to thank Ghiliman Racing for their support as well.

“I can’t thank our sponsors and supporters enough for sticking with us through a really tough season,” Chris added. “Sara and I are both self-employed, and our businesses – Counter Weight Motorsport and Red Currant Collective — provide the bulk of the financial support for the CW Moto Racing effort. But our sponsors make a huge difference in our ability to operate closer to the front of the pack. We’d like to thank all of our 2022 sponsors and especially Vinny at Liquimoly, Bison Track, Make Love not Porn, Graves Motorsports, 2 Wheel Dynoworks, Back to Movement Denver, ChickenHawk, Heritage Restaurant & Bar in Woodinville, WA, and F.A. Madden Painting.”

The team is also grateful for the support they’ve received from the rest of the MotoAmerica paddock this season. Wrench Motorcycles based in Glendale, CA is campaigning a Twins Cup program with Cody Wyman, and came on as a sponsor for transport for the back half of the season. “We’re enjoying rubbing elbows with the Wrench crew and the Wyman family, and sincerely appreciate Wrench providing such important support for our program,” said Chris.

“Being home during the season was never our plan, but our friends at WMRRA, LawTigers of Washington, and Cascade Motorcycle Safety have helped us make the best of a little extra time in the Pacific Northwest. We were able to join Cascade for their annual Street Strategies Course at Pacific Raceways last weekend. Their Street Strategies program is an important gap-filler in rider education here in the Pacific Northwest where street riders spend a day receiving instruction and practicing advanced riding skills in the safety of a road-racing course,” added Sara Lobkovich, Co-Owner of CW Moto Racing. “Street Strategies is one of my favorite events of the year,” she added, “because their riders have so much fun, with so much less stress, than most first-time trackday attendees.” CW Moto and The Moto Curious will share more about the Street Strategies experience via social media and The Moto Curious podcast during the late season.

As always, you can see the behind-the-scenes from CW Moto’s program by joining their Mighty Networks community at http://bts.cwmoto.com.

“We’re hoping for blue skies this week, and can’t wait to see everyone in New Jersey,” Chris added.

About Eziah Davis

Eziah “EZ” Davis, of Bradford, RI, is a Senior Instructor with Yamaha Champions Riding School. He is racing WERA Middleweight Endurance with Alpha Omega Racing this season, and previously won the WERA Middleweight Endurance Championship in 2019 with N2. He has raced in the MotoAmerica Junior Cup during single-event entries, one of which resulted in a podium. EZ is a fixture in professional motorsports paddocks, including MotoAmerica and as crew for two Daytona 200 championship-winning teams. This year he worked front tire change for TOBC racing’s winning 2022 Daytona 200 rider, Brandon Pasch. For more information, find EZ on Instagram (@ezfast) or on Facebook.

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CW Moto Racing is a Seattle, Washington-based race team and motorcycle service shop focused on excellence and innovation: we build fast bikes for serious riders, and we work on painstaking projects including custom, rare, and historic bikes other shops aren’t able to take on. We also focus on developing hard-working talent who may not otherwise have access to the national paddock in our sport. In addition to the CW Moto Racing program, the team provides race prep and track-oriented services for committed riders who need trusted help achieving their motorsports goals. We have recently expanded our service offerings to include mail-in suspension services for all manufacturers with a focus on new builds as a dealer for K-Tech and other race-proven parts suppliers. We are also providing VP fuel sales and Liquimoly fluids here in the Pacific Northwest. For more information, visit http://cwmoto.com or follow us on TikTok, Instagram, or Twitter at @cw_moto. CW Moto Racing is also the home of The Moto Curious Podcast, dedicated to increasing inclusion and access to our sport, one Q&A at a time. You can find more information about The Moto Curious at themotocurious.com, and on iTunes, Soundcloud or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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