RISK RACING unveils their J.A.C. V2 MX Goggles!

Joyride and Conquer the motocross track or trails!

TROUTMAN, NC – October 15, 2021 – (Motor Sports NewsWire) – Whether joyriding the trails, or conquering the track, the J.A.C.V2 Motocross Goggles by Risk Racing have riders eyes covered for all their dirt bike and motocross needs.

The J.A.C.V2 is a tear-off style goggle with a unique twist. As mud, dust, dirt, rocks, and debris threaten your visibility, pull a tear-off with confidence. The J.A.C.V2 goggle has four tear-off pins to ensure your tear-offs don’t get ripped off by roost and stay where you put them! All four tear-off pins are molded into the goggle frame, leaving the lens free of obstructions.

The J.A.C.2V goggle also has a new quick change locking feature on the lens to make swapping out different lenses quick and easy. Simply twist the two locks on the front of the goggle for quick lens replacement or to change from a clear to tinted lens. These lenses are not your average goggle lens stamped from a flat sheet of Lexan. They are injection molded poly carbonate and shaped specifically for the frame of the J.A.C V2. This molding technique offers superior vision clarity as well as durability and easy lens swaps.

Replacement lenses are available so users can freshen up their vision or swap out to a tinted lens. The tinted lenses offer UVA, UVB & UVC filters built into the lens. These filters provide 99.9% protection against harmful UV rays and reduce glare from the sun, making it easier to see on bright sunny days. The mirrored tint provides the basics for glare and bright conditions while also giving the rider that mysterious look. If you are looking for a premium motocross lens, opt for the HD REVO lens. The HD REVO lens enhances the definition of the track & trails bringing visual acuteness to new levels. Additionally, every lens is scratch resistant and treated for anti-fog.

All that lens tech is matched by the J.A.C.V2 frame and strap design. The 50mm silicon backed goggle strap ensures the goggle maintains its position on the helmet. The multi-layered foam / felt lamination conforms to the riders’ face creating a tight seal which safeguards the eyes from dirt & dust while also absorbing sweat. The frame is designed to maintain proper venting to reduce moisture buildup and fog on the lens and has a removeable nose guard.

Finally, the J.A.C.V2 Goggle comes with a fully printed microfiber goggle bag which is good for storage and lens cleaning. This goggle package might be the best value on the market, but that is up to the rider to decide. Now, go Joyride and Conquer!

The J.A.C.V2 Motocross goggle retails for $59.99. Ask for them at your local dealer or find them at www.riskracing.com. For more information call 704-508-1031 or visit www.riskracing.com

Source: Risk Racing