RESONAR Releases Informative “Ten Questions” Video on Directional Sound Importance to Motorcyclists

“Filling in a rider’s blind spot…and his deaf spot”

May 14, 2021 – (Motor Sports NewsWire) – Motorcycle riders of yesteryear “didn’t know what they didn’t know” before modern helmets evolved from pith-helmet pudding bowls into the modern starship-designed energy management devices they are today. Innovations like ventilation, communications, dual-density EPS liners, rotational acceleration suppression technologies, fog-free and solar-darkening face shields, moisture-absorbing liners all vastly improve comfort and protection. Now a sound-directionally sensitive helmet that fills in a rider’s “deaf spots” where his eyes cannot see is available from RESONAR™.

210514 RESONAR safety bubble-01-01

Documented in a “Ten Question” video series, inventor Mr. Luis Felipe Morales undergoes an interrogative gauntlet regarding his new technology and how it will change the world of helmeted riding globally. Developed originally only for developing nations with crowded, noisy traffic environments where hundreds of helmeted riders of motorcycles and scooters travel in “flocks,” the simple and affordable directionally sound-sensitive technology enables riders to maintain a sounder “safety bubble” by keeping more distance from other riders and larger vehicles.

210514 RESONAR™-equipped ¾ or full-faced helmet

A RESONAR™-equipped ¾ or full-faced helmet enables a rider to better focus his eyes ahead while his ears now are better enabled to hear dangers from behind. Mr. Morales notes, “Rearview mirrors are valuable, but still require taking a rider’s attention away from what is in front of him.

With a RESONAR™-enabled helmet, the rider can now maintain improved forward-focus while also better detecting sounds from behind, thus increasing his 360-degree awareness.

Plus, the improved natural sound relieves any sense of helmet-caused claustrophobia and improves overall proprioception and sensitivity to the constantly changing traffic environment.”

Learn more about the simple, battery-less RESONAR™ motorcycle helmet technology by going to the website at Also, join the #motohearingrevolution on Instagram @RESONAR and Facebook under RESONAR™. See the “RESONAR™ Ten Questions” video here and on YouTube.


The RESONAR Team and its associated technologies are dedicated to improved directional hearing for helmeted users of all kinds, including motorcycle riders, military personnel, aviation pilots, and construction workers employed in noisy environments where improved auditory proprioception will improve the safety of the users. The globally patented designs operate without electronic sources or batteries. The technology was first made public at a scientific conference on road safety held in Australia last March. The inventor Morales was invited to participate in the XIV World Conference on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion, where he made his presentation, “DIRECTIONAL HEARING AWARENESS, A NEW WAY TO PREVENT ACCIDENTS FOR HELMET USERS.” The terms RESONAR and RESONAR 360 are international trademarks owned exclusively by the RESONAR parent company, EFEM Acoustics. More information and videos are available at