A new technology is born that allows helmet users to hear as well as see potential danger

March 8, 2021 – (Motor Sports NewsWire) – The inventor and co-founder of RESONAR, Luis Felipe Morales Velasquez, was invited to participate in the virtual pre-conference of the SAFETY 2022 14th World Conference for injury Prevention & Safety Promotion, to be held in Adelaide, Australia, on March 24th, 2021. where he will present for the first time to the world his paper abstract, “DIRECTIONAL HEARING AWARENESS, A NEW WAY TO PREVENT ACCIDENTS FOR HELMET USERS.”

To hear potential danger is as important as seeing it. One major (and often overlooked) factor in the rate of accidents is the difficulty to clearly hear and thus pinpoint from where auditory alerts or warnings (such as the sound of the motor of a car or a horn) are coming from. This simple fact is due to the equally simple fact that 3/4 and closed helmets have blocked hearing since their introduction, resulting in dramatically reduced auditory acuity.

In response to this diminished capacity to perceive both the location and distance of sounds is a new technology, RESONAR™, which allows a rider to regain full 360° perception of their surroundings in real-time. With the RESONAR™ Technology, the user’s/rider’s brain will be able to recognize the full spectrum of sound with all its nuances without affecting the security offered by the helmet offering a new level of total protection.

The inventor and co-founder of RESONAR™, Luis Felipe Morales Velásquez, surmises that “it has been shown that full-face helmets are essential in surviving an accident, and are therefore required in the majority of countries.” Yet we propose the question: if we ride a motorcycle with our eyes open, then why with our ears covered? Hearing a potential threat/danger is as important as seeing. By combining the senses of sight and sound, we developed a technology that balances both senses. We thus provided a heightened awareness of the rider’s complete surroundings, helping them stay alert of potential dangers/threats in real-time while also protecting them.


Luis Felipe Morales V. RESONAR LAB, Colombia.
Photo by: Diego Robledo.

With its proper adoption and implementation, this technology has the potential to save countless lives globally, all while being price accessible to the vast majority of the world’s population. The final objective is to turn this into a standard piece of equipment on all helmets, not unlike what seatbelts are in cars today.

Mr. Morales Velasquez invested more than 6 years in the research and development of its design to solve spatial awareness and integrate it ingeniously with existing helmet production standards.

¨A unique aspect of our technology and the reason it is so accessible is that it is a 100% analog piece of equipment; that is to say, there are NO BATTERIES OR ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS keeping production costs to a minimum. Our globally patented invention uses acoustics science to offer the rider maximum performance and the world a cleaner carbon footprint.¨, said Luis Felipe Morales.


A full-faced helmet with RESONAR™ Technology implemented. Conceptual rendering.


Obsessed with a need to reduce the number of motorcycle crashes and fatalities, the RESONAR™ Team has developed an innovative, scientifically-proven helmet technology that more fully enhances helmet users’ sensory perception everywhere. Join us… and hear the difference!