Monster Energy’s Tomac (1st), Sexton (2nd) & Anderson (3rd) sweep overall Triple Crown podium

Main Photo Eli Tomac St. Louis SX (678)

Eli Tomac’s 3rd @ St. Louis Triple Crown round to secure the overall three-race 450 class title, Chase Sexton also makes St. Louis 450 podium (2nd)

CORONA, CA – April 11, 2022 (Motor Sports NewsWire) – With a blazing final race victory to secure a 3rd place (4th/4th/1st) overall finish at the third and final installment of the 2022 Monster Energy AMA Supercross’ Triple Crown Series at St. Louis’ Dome at America’s Center, Eli Tomac (Monster Energy/Star Racing/Yamaha) has secured this year’s premier 450 class Triple Crown championship. And rounding out the overall Triple Crown series podium were two more Monster Energy-backed racers, Chase Sexton (Honda) and Jason Anderson (Monster Energy/Kawasaki), who’s place 2nd and 3rd overall, respectively.

Supercross’ 2022 Triple Crown championship for Tomac, which this year included stops in Glendale (Calif.) and Arlington (Texas), would be an incredible sixth title out of seven Triple Crowns for the Colorado native.

“It was a tough night. My competitors were on it more than me in those first two races,” said Tomac of his St. Louis podium finish on Saturday. “I put myself behind in position, but got my act together there in the third race and rode good. Overall it was good to get that last one (win).”

Added Sexton, who placed 2nd overall in St. Louis: “It was good to get back up on the podium. I feel like it was a long journey, even though it was only a couple weeks. But to have that break and reset, I felt really comfortable tonight.” Note: Sexton crashed at the Indianapolis SX, placed 19th, and was unable to race the following round (12) in Seattle.

In 250 class racing Monster Energy was led by Kyle Chisholm (Monster Energy/Star Racing/Yamaha), who scored a podium finish in the third and final 250 Triple Crown race and secured a solid 4th place overall. Noteworthy: Monster Energy would be without Cameron McAdoo (Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki), who suffered a get off on Thursday’s media day in at the Dome at America’s Center and reportedly injured his shoulder. Despite the wreck McAdoo still remained in 2nd place in the overall 250 Eastern SX (ESX) championship point chase after St. Louis.

St. Louis podium Sexton left Tomac right

450 Podium St. Louis SX. Left: Monster Energy’s Chase Sexton. Right: Monster Energy’s Eli Tomac

450 class race highlights

Chase Sexton action St. Louis SX

Monster Energy’s Chase Sexton

  • In Race 1 Sexton would grab the holeshot, with Tomac coming out in 7th place and Anderson 8th.
  • Tomac would quickly move up to 5th, then 4th with a clean pass on Vince Friese (Honda). Anderson would also get past Friese cleanly, and into 6th.
  • Near the race’s midway point Anderson would jump into a corner with a bit too much speed – and tuck the front wheel, hitting the dirt. Anderson would keep his KX450F running and pop back up quickly, but was now 20 seconds behind race leader Sexton.
  • With two minutes and one lap remaining, Sexton was up four seconds on 2nd place Marvin Musquin (KTM), and would take that lead all the way through the checkers for the win. Tomac, who had seven wins and nine podiums heading into St. Louis, would battle late in the race with Malcolm Stewart (Husqvarna) for 3rd, before settling into 4th at the checkers.
  • Said Sexton: “Definitely needed that one (win) for me. Rough last couple rounds. Felt good in practice and am having fun tonight riding my dirt bike.” St. Louis is a home race for Sexton as he hails from nearby Illinois.
  • Race 2 of the St. Louis Triple Crown round saw Anderson pull a near holeshot, coming out of the second turn in 3rd place with Sexton in 4th and Tomac in 6th.
  • Anderson would quickly get up onto leader Musquin’s rear fender as Sexton got past Friese for 3rd place, with Tomac rising up to 5th
  • As Musquin, Anderson and Sexton separated from the rest of the field, Tomac set his sights on 4th place Barcia – trailing the Gas Gas rider by a 1.5 seconds.
  • A Tomac move past Barcia would put Monster Energy racers in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th positions in Race 2, with Musquin up 2.6 seconds on Anderson with a minute + one lap to go. … And that’s how they’d finish: Anderson 2nd, Sexton 3rd and Tomac 4th.
  • The third and final race was all Tomac as the Monster Energy/Star Racing/Yamaha pilot pulled the holeshot and led – unchallenged – from start to finish.
  • Anderson would fly up near Tomac on the start, coming out of the first turn in a solid 3rd Sexton wouldn’t be as fortunate as he started back in 8th.
  • But Sexton was flying, quickly moving past Justin Brayton (Honda) for 6th, and onto Barcia for 5th.
  • No sooner did Anderson start challenging for a podium spot in the third race – BAM – the #21 is down in a corner, and back to 7th
  • Sexton would get past Stewart for 5th, then past Barcia, cleanly, to inherit 3rd place (based on Anderson’s crash).
  • Monster Energy racers would wrap up the St. Louis Triple Crown’s final 450 race in 1st (Tomac), 3rd (Sexton) and 5th (Anderson). Sexton would take 2nd overall at St. Louis (1st/3rd/3rd), Tomac joining him on the podium in 3rd (4th/4th/1st), with Anderson right behind in 4th (6th/2nd/5th)
  • Overall – Glendale, Arlington & St. Louis – Tomac would win with 73 points, Sexton in 2nd (-10) and Anderson in 3rd (-12) to complete the Monster Energy 450 class Triple Crown podium sweep.

250 class race highlights

Kyle Chisholm action St. Louis SX

Monster Energy/Star Racing/Yamaha’s Kyle Chisholm

  • In 250 Triple Crown Race 1 action Monster Energy’s lone racer in the gate, Chisholm, pulled a good start on the YZ250F, running in 4th before moving up to 3rd place early in the contest.
  • Chisholm would drop a spot, running in 4th and two seconds up on Phil Nicoletti (Yamaha).
  • Chisholm would hold off Nicoletti and take 4th at the 250 Race 1 checkers.
  • In Race 2 Chisholm would again pull a solid start, coming out with the lead pack of riders in 5th But an early race issue would relegate him outside the top ten.
  • A red flag stoppage of Race 2 would bode well for Chisholm as the race would have to be restarted (due to an injured rider). Chisholm would come out of the start gate even stronger in the second race, 4th place, before getting pinched on turn two and moved back to 6th.
  • A pass out of the sand section on Jace Owen (Yamaha) would garner 5th place for Chisholm soon after the restart. Chisholm then moved past Jordan Smith (Honda) with 4:04 + one lap remaining, and would hold onto 4th place in Race 2.
  • Another good start for Chisholm in Race 3, but he’d yield a 3rd place position to Pierce Brown (Gas Gas).
  • The veteran Chisholm would hold strong in 4th place, 3.5 seconds back of race leader RJ Hampshire (Husqvarna).
  • Swapping positions with Nicoletti, Chisholm would eventually inherit 3rd place when Brown crashes in a corner. Chisholm would hold off a charge from Mitchell Oldenburg (Honda), placing 3rd in the final moto. Chisholm’s 4th/4th/3rd effort would have him just off the podium in 4th place on the night.

Overall 2022 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Points (through 13 rounds)

450 class

Eli Tomac headshot St. Louis SX

 Eli Tomac


2nd Anderson (-56)

7th Sexton (-96)

9th Dylan Ferrandis (-161)

250 class (SX East)

Kyle Chisholm headshot St. Louis

Kyle Chisholm

2ndCameron McAdoo (-34)

13th – Chisholm (-102)

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