ArcticFX Graphics Signs Backcountry Prodigy to Long-Term Agreement

WASHINGTON, MI – June 6, 2019 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – This upcoming snowmobile season there is going to be an important new face that will be joining the ranks of elite athletes that ride for ArcticFX Graphics. This is such a big deal because ArcticFX has some of the best athletes in the snowmobiling world repping their sled wraps and to add another high-profile athlete to the ArcticFX roster is something worth paying attention to.

ArcticFX Graphics Signs Backcountry Prodigy to Long-Term Agreement

ArcticFX Graphics has signed Caleb Kesterke to a long-term deal, which has the makings of a fruitful relationship in the years to come! Caleb lives and rides in the great state of Montana and has the skill and the technical know-how to be at a very high level for someone of his age! For those of you who may know his name, you don’t need to read any farther than this.  You’ve heard the stories; you follow him on Instagram, and you’ve seen the footage. However, for those of you who may not know who he is, he is one of the young phenom’s of the backcountry. He can rip, he can shred, and above all he has fun doing it.

On more than one occasion, Caleb Kesterke has been compared to the great Chris Burandt in the backcountry. They display the same approach to their craft that has created the best riders of all time; they don’t know the meaning of surrender. Caleb will take any jump, dominate any terrain, and approach every new challenge with the mentality that he can conquer whatever the conditions will be throwing at him that day. This alone is a rare quality among riders. Even more rare is to stare that challenging environment in the eye, not only believing that they can conquer it, but actually doing so with a style that almost makes it look easy. “This is one of the reasons why we sought out Caleb Kesterke” said ArcticFX’s Marketing Coordinator Ryan Stiteler. “His style and attitude both on and off the snow is top notch. Watching his footage is not only cool, it is inspiring; it makes you want to be a better rider.”

ArcticFX Graphics Signs Backcountry Prodigy, Caleb Kesterke to Long-Term Agreement

With the large amount of buzz surrounding this rising backcountry star, it will be very exciting to see what this new partnership between the young rider and ArcticFX Graphics will create! Combining forces with such a talented rider is definitely a power move on both ends. Kesterke will be standing shoulder to shoulder with some of the best riders in the world and the industry leader in sledwraps, ArcticFX Graphics, who continues to uphold their reputation as being trend setters in the industry while working with the next generation of top tier riders.

This season will be one we are going to be keeping a close eye on because if the past has been any indicator of what is to come, we can expect great things from the partnership between Kesterke and ArcticFX.

Source: ArcticFX