Nihilo Concepts Factory Frame Grip Tape is trusted by the fastest riders in the world.

Nhilo Grip Tape

STUART, FL – November 30, 2018 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Nihilo Concepts was one of the first companies to offer pre-cut high quality Grip Tape for the motocross and off road markets. Before Nihilo riders would purchase stair tread grip material from their local hardware store and hand cut each one to fit their frame. They never looked that great and it was a long and tedious process.

Nihilo Grip Tape

Nihilo Concepts manufactures precut Grip Tape to fit every modern dirt bike as well as some adventure and street bikes. It can be printed in any color and be custom designed with a rider’s name and number or logo. The adhesives Nihilo uses are the best in the industry and as long as the surface is clean and dry before installation they will stick like crazy. They actually stick better as time goes by.

Fast riders always grip their motorcycles with their legs and the stock frames do not have any traction which makes it difficult to maintain control. Nihilo Grip Tape provides the perfect amount of grip without being too hard and slippery. The rider can grip and push hard on either side of the bike in perfect riding form.

Nihilo Grip Tape

The fact that Nihilo Frame Grip Tape is used by factory Red Bull KTM, Troy Lee Designs KTM and tons of other professional and amateur riders around the world is proof that it works and does what it promises.

The factory mechanics love Nihilo Grip Tape because its fits perfect every time and keeps their bikes looking factory fresh.

No other Grip tape company offers as many templates as Nihilo and they are adding to the list every day. Nihilo will even custom make Grip Tape for your older vintage bike, you can call for more information on how to go about that.

Nihilo Grip Tape

So the next time you are trying to get some extra grip on your bike or just want to freshen up your bike check out Nihilo Concepts for the best and most trusted Grip Tape on the market.

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