Landmaster Reveals New Upgrades to their Model Year 2023 UTVs

COLUMBIA CITY, IN – January 24, 2023 – (Motor Sports NewsWire) – Landmaster, American-made UTV manufacturer, has released a mid-model year upgrade to the 2023 UTVs. The new changes involve new improved engines, redesigning of the throttle and brake pedals, and new graphics to the outside of their vehicles. You can see all the changes by watching the video below.

The L5 and L7 models are now built with more powerful, higher-torque engines from Vanguard, a leader in the commercial engine sector. Additionally, the L5 and L7 now come standard with power steering (EPS). Having EPS makes steering your vehicle a smoother, more enjoyable experience, similar to your automobile.

The L5 is getting a huge upgrade from a 479cc carb engine to the more powerful 570cc Vanguard engine. This increase in power gives you roughly 18% more torque and more acceleration off the starting line. “Side-by-side to previous L5 with the 479cc engine, you’ll notice a huge improvement and increase in power that the Vanguard 570cc engine gives you. That increase in punch of acceleration makes this a nice riding machine.” says Bryan King, Product Engineer for Landmaster.

The L7 gets a huge expansion shifting from the Kohler EFI engine to the Vanguard 627cc EFI engine. Drivers will get 8% more torque to help with larger loads and hill climbs. Additionally, the Vanguard engine produces more top end speeds of 35mph+. Depending on your overall payload you could see speeds in the high 30’s. “This is a great shift from Kohler to Vanguard. Vanguard has been a solid producer of quality engines for us across all our models. When we had dealers test drive models with the new Vanguard EFI engine, they immediately noticed the increase in power and acceleration.” Comments Bryan King.

Another big change in the new 2023 models are the improved gas and brake pedal design. The pedals are now designed to provide added comfort for all types of passenger heights and sizes. Additionally, the new design is more comfortable when the driver needs to push the throttle pedal down for long periods of time, for example, when driving on long country roads.

Last, but not least, the Landmaster UTVs have been given a fresh, new look, inside and out, with their modern style badging. The new reflective decals for the model’s name and branding elements are fixed to all sides of the vehicle, providing a modern sleek look and also aiding as a safety device at night. Additionally, the Landmasters are badged with an aluminum, American flag plate on the driver side, giving drivers a way to proudly show off their USA-made workhorse. The front emblem has been upgraded to a heavier-duty, automotive-grade molded emblem, giving the vehicle a nice professional first impression. And finally, driving the vehicle, you will notice new branding elements on the interior that give the Landmaster a nice finishing touch. “Quality is a huge focus for us at Landmaster, especially being an American made product. The branding of the vehicle serves as a catalyst to draw users in, and build their confidence in our quality. The new branding is bolder, purposeful, and all sourced domestically.” states David Piercy, Marketing and Creative Director for Landmaster.

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