Yadea All-Set for to Showcase High-Performance Models, Energy Tech at CES Debut

LAS VEGAS, NV – December 28, 2022 – (Motor Sports NewsWire) – Yadea, the world’s leading electric two-wheeler brand, is bringing its full range of innovative products and energy technologies to the U.S., to showcase at the world-famous Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The company will be making its debut at the event, which runs from January 5-8 in Las Vegas.

Located at Booth 10243 in Las Vegas International Convention Center’s North Hall, Yadea views the event as the perfect platform to demonstrate the capabilities of its two-wheeler range to the North American market, under its “Electrify Your Life” mission.

Known the world over, CES is the largest and most influential consumer electronics show globally. It is an honor for Yadea to participate in CES 2023, starting the new year off with a bang. Yadea’s products have been well-received all over the world, with over 60 million users in over 100 countries and regions through a network of over 40,000 retailers across the globe.

Top of the bill for Yadea will be the company’s upcoming high-performance model series as well as its industry-defying aesthetic design.

Another highlight for visitors to the CES will be the US debut of the new Yadea Keeness VFV high-performance electric motorcycle. Powering the new two-wheeler is Yadea’s proprietary 10KW mid-mounted high-performance motor, which can reach a maximum speed of 100km/h. The vehicle is able to achieve smooth and rapid acceleration when starting up, without any stutter in power output.

R&D is a key part of Yadea’s makeup and the company’s DNA, especially when it comes to charging its vehicles. Yadea has harnessed its technical prowess to produce super-fast charging technology, which will be showcased as another highlight of Yadea’s CES display. The company employs automotive-grade technologies so that its electric two-wheelers can be charged by up to 80% in just 20 minutes. With cutting-edge technology, Yadea is looking to establish a green, healthy, smart and convenient new ecology of electric vehicle travel.

For the tech-savvy, the company will also display its graphene-based material technology for its batteries at the event, the result of years of research and development while heralding a new era in the production of power cells for two-wheeled electric vehicles. The products created feature strong thermal conductivity, ultra-low resistivity, and high light transmittance.

“Globalization has always been a key consideration for Yadea,” said Jerry Chou, President of Yadea’s high-end and overseas business group. “As the global concept of low-carbon travel grows increasingly popular, users are more concerned about green travel, and two-wheeled electric vehicles are environmentally friendly while also greatly reducing commuter traffic congestion. As a global leader in two-wheeled electric mobility, Yadea will seize upon this opportunity to accelerate its globalization process.

While at the same time, Yadea insists on implementing localization strategy for its diversified products. Yadea has continuously optimized its overseas product matrix, and prioritized on offering tailored and personalized products that meet the needs of regional and local users.

CES provides Yadea with the perfect opportunity to demonstrate to its customers the unique riding experience provided by its cutting-edge products. While incorporating innovative technology and premium service into its company values, Yadea remains focused on sustainability and ensuring a better future for humankind as part of its “Electrify Your Life” mission. Yadea will leverage CES as a platform for engagement with all its potential business partners in the US and global markets. The company wishes to accompany them in learning more about Yadea and its commitment to providing excellent products and services for a greener long-term future.

About Yadea

Yadea is a global leader in developing and manufacturing electric two-wheel vehicles, including electric motorcycles, electric mopeds, electric bicycles and electric kick scooters. To date, Yadea has sold products to 60 million users in over 100 countries and regions and has a network of 40,000+ retailers worldwide. With a mission to help people “Electrify Your Life”, Yadea continues to invest in R&D, production and global expansion to build a shared and sustainable future for mankind.

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