Dainese Introduces the Smart Jacket Hi-Viz to North America

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The Original Smart Jacket Just Got a Safety Feature Upgrade

COSTA MESA, CA  – November 18, 2021 – (Motor Sports NewsWire) – Dainese introduces the newest iteration to their Smart Jacket protective garments. The Smart Jacket Hi-Viz vest can be worn underneath or atop any garment, and is equipped with the state of the art D-air® system. Available for men and women, the Smart Jacket Hi Viz is a foldable, functional article of clothing that does not require any connection to the bike.

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The Smart Jacket line is designed with incredible ventilation for further versatility and comfort. The external fabric of the jacket is ventilated but the most innovative ventilation is found inside, as the Shield folds over on itself. In normal riding conditions, this enables air to flow through the front. In case of activation, the Shield expands and covers the entire chest area, providing maximum protection. The Smart Jacket also features water-repellent fabric and the integrated D-air® technology is waterproof to protect riders regardless of weather conditions.

The “brain” of Smart Jacket is the triggering algorithm: At a rate of 1,000 times per second, the electronic central unit analyzes data transmitted by 7 sensors and detects dangerous situations, activating the system only when necessary. Through two decades of development and extensive data collection, Dainese has refined its sophisticated D-air® algorithm to predict accidents, including stationary vehicle and stationary rider collisions.

The Shield is the heart of Smart Jacket protection, an airbag featuring Dainese’s patented technology that integrates proprietary internal microfilaments that guarantee inflation is even and controlled throughout the entire surface. When activated, The Shield envelops the body and delivers maximum protection to the rider.  The Shield covers the chest and back, ensuring the same degree of protection as seven Level 1 back protectors, despite not having hardshell protective gear inside. The result is an extremely light and practical garment that riders can easily fold and place in a lateral bag, a top box or in a backpack when not in use.

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Smart Jacket hi-viz inherits the best practical features from the third-generation D-air® Road range, including the ability to have the airbag replaced by an authorized dealer. The long battery life – with 25 hours of operation when fully charged – makes the Smart Jacket even more usable, and the garment recharges quickly.


  • D-Air, MotoGP airbag technology
  • Wearable under or over any jacket or outfit
  • Seven on-board sensors
  • Data is monitored 1,000 times per second
  • Algorithm detects low-sides, high-sides and object/vehicle and rear-end collisions
  • Collisions are detected even when stopped, e.g. rear-end collision at a stop light
  • 26hr battery life
  • No hard-shell parts – airbag provides protection only when needed
  • Chest protection meets or exceeds CE Level 2 for airbags, transmitted force is <2.5kN
    • Standard armor CE level 2 transmits <9kN so the airbag disperses over 3x more energy than its rigid counterpart
  • Back protection meets or exceeds CE Level 1 for airbags, transmitted force is <4.5kN
    • Standard armor CE level 1 transmits <18kN so the airbag disperses over 4x more energy than its rigid counterpart
  • Weight: 1.8 kg ( 4 lbs): This is less than a motorbike jacket with certified hardshell protectors
  • For all D-air products they use Helium while for Smart Jacket a blend of Helium and Argon is used.
  • After each deployment: D Air System Reset & Airbag Replacement Cost: $250

Dainese Smart Jacket is available in six sizes, with versions for men and women. It is available in stores and online now at Dainese.com

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Founded in 1972 by Lino Dainese, the Dainese group develops cutting-edge protective clothing for use when practicing dynamic sports: Motorcycle riding, winter sports, cycling, horse riding, and sailing. Continuing with its mission to protect athletes from head to toe, in 2007 Dainese acquired the iconic AGV brand, founded in 1947 and famous across the world for its innovative sports helmets. In 2017, the mother company’s style legacy led to the establishment of Dainese Settantadue, a new brand that gives garments from the past a modern twist. Dainese and AGV products represent the technological frontier in terms of protection in dynamic sports, and are used by the world’s best athletes, from Valentino Rossi to Sofia Goggia, Olympic skiing champion and winner of the World Cup Downhill title.

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