GBC Tires New Terra Master SQ to be featured on Yamaha Wolverine RMAX2 1000 Sport

ANAHEIM, CA – September 16, 2021 – (Motor Sports NewsWire) – Today, GBC Tires and Yamaha continue their partnership with the release of a brand-new vehicle equipped with the best of GBC tires. The new Yamaha Wolverine RMAX2 1000 Sport SXS will be rolling out today with a new and bold redesign of the industry-leading GBC Terra Master, the Terra Master SQ (short for Square). Like the original Terra Master, the SQ features radial construction, an asymmetrical design, and a non-directional tread. The SQ will feature an advanced square shoulder design for a bold new profile differing from the Terra Master. The original stepped tread was replaced with a full tread block non-stepped tread lug* on the SQ version, giving the SQ a facelift and helping increase the lifespan of the tire. The carcass construction has also been updated from a steel-belted design to a lightweight 10-ply rated nylon construction. The Terra Master SQ will be available in larger size options, with the largest being a 37x10R17. All these changes were created to give drivers better forward grip and braking performance along with a plusher ride, extended tread life, and the ability to customize their tire set up based on their individual driving preferences.

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The Terra Master SQ is built with an asymmetrical design so that each side features its own unique traits and benefits. Side A has a larger open void ratio with horizontally shaped lugs for increased traction and digging power on softer terrains, thus allowing the tire to be capable of incredible acceleration and extreme stopping power. Side B features a lower void ratio with increased circumferential grooves for improved bite while cornering and an increased contact patch on harder surfaces. With both sides presenting their own sets of benefits, one must consider the terrain, the driver’s style of driving, and the vehicle’s handling to choose a side.

Kory Ellis, director of GBC Tires, commented, “With the versatility Yamaha vehicles provide its owners, we knew the Terra Master SQ would be the perfect addition to its newest UTV. As the off-road community continues to grow, we look forward to introducing the Terra Master SQ to a new and broader audience of adventurers looking to explore the world from a different perspective.”

Yamaha’s latest model release of the Wolverine RMAX2 1000 Sport will feature the Terra Master SQ in a 30x10R14 size. Customers who are lucky enough to purchase the vehicle will be the first ones to get to drive and experience the new Terra Master SQ as the full line will hit dealer’s floors for a late winter release from GBC in all sizes.

*Note: Yamaha RMAX Sport fitment tires are not approved for street use and do not feature the non-stepped tread lugs.

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The GBC Terra Master SQ will be available in the following sizes:

14-Inch Sizes 15-Inch Sizes 17-Inch Sizes

Common Questions:

Q: Is the rubber compound the same from Side A to Side B? 
A: Yes. The compound is the same on both sides. It is the void ratio (space in between lugs), groove design, and lug shape that changes the driver’s feel of the tire. 

Q: Can you run one side out on the front and another side out on the rear? 
A: Yes. The Terra Master is designed to be customized so drivers can get the most out of their driving experience with one tire. 

Q: What sides do most people run? 
A: In the field, we see about 70-80% of people using Side A out on the front, and 80-90% of people using Side A out on the rear. 

Q: Why does having an asymmetrical tire make a difference? 
A: With the suspension on some of today’s off-road vehicles, they tend to use the contact patch more toward the outside half of the tires under cornering. 

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