Motorcycle Safety Foundation Selected by Lime as Rider Education and Safety Consultants for Electric Moped Rentals

Motorcycle Safety Foundation - MSF

IRVINE, CA – April 01, 2021 – (Motor Sports NewsWire) –  Lime, the leading operator of app-based shared electric vehicles, has engaged the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, the internationally recognized developer of comprehensive, research-based rider education and safety training programs, to consult on the design of a suite of safety lessons for users of its new line of electric two-wheelers.

210401 Andria Yu of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation speaks at today's Lime announcement in Washington D.C.

Andria Yu of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation speaks at today’s Lime announcement in
Washington D.C.

“Safety is our biggest priority, and as we add electric mopeds to our existing platform of e-bikes and e-scooters, we want the best-in-class provider of rider education to consult with us, making MSF the obvious choice,” said Wayne Ting, CEO of Lime.

“As micromobility offerings diversify and shift from bicycle lanes onto city streets, MSF is ready to bring its safety knowledge and expertise to help riders learn how to ride properly and have fun. We encourage riders to take full advantage of Lime’s training offerings, and to always wear helmets and other riding gear,” said Erik Pritchard, president and chief executive officer of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. “This safety module is a good first step to becoming a responsible, safety-minded rider.”

The safety offerings start with an app-based guide and knowledge test that renters must complete before beginning their ride. MSF also supported Lime’s development of a DIY practice guide, which riders can use on their own to refine their riding skills and prepare themselves for various traffic situations. The DIY guide shows riders how to set up personal riding drills in a parking lot, covering critical skills such as braking and cornering.

The new e-moped is the first Lime vehicle to allow the operator to carry a passenger. Lime will provide two helmets in the trunk of every moped. They have a top speed of 28 mph and can travel up to 87 miles on a single charge. To access Lime mopeds, each rider must have a valid driver’s license and take a photo of themselves wearing a helmet, which must be worn throughout the ride.

Lime is also planning to provide free, hands-on training exercises for its riders. MSF-certified RiderCoaches will guide small groups through exercises lasting 30-45 minutes. MSF wants e-moped users to develop good safety habits and be responsible riders, whether they remain renters or eventually become motorcycle or scooter owners. In this way, micromobility users can access this new transportation mode and experience the freedom that two-wheel transportation and recreation provides.

About Motorcycle Safety Foundation

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation promotes safety through rider training and education, operator licensing tests, and public information programs. The MSF works with the federal government, state agencies, the military, and others to offer training for all skill levels so riders can enjoy a lifetime of safe, responsible motorcycling. Standards established by the MSF have been recognized worldwide since 1973.

The MSF is a not-for-profit organization endorsed by American Honda Motor Co., Inc.; BMW Motorrad USA; BRP, Inc.; Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Inc.; Indian Motorcycle & Polaris Inc.; Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A.; KTM North America, Inc.; Suzuki Motor of America, Inc.; Triumph Motorcycles America; and Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A. For safety information or to enroll in an MSF Basic RiderCourse near you, or to learn more about the many other MSF course offerings, visit or call (800) 446-9227. Follow @msf__usa to keep up with the MSF on Twitter and Instagram.

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