Consistency Counts for Josh Roper and Maddie Hoover in Sequatchie MotoTrials


MURRIETA, CA – June 24, 2024 – (Motor Sports NewsWire) – Another consistent weekend out for GASGAS USA Factory Trials Team resulted in a collection of podium finishes across Rounds 3 and 4 of the 2024 AMA/NATC MotoTrials USA National Championship Series in Sequatchie, Tennessee.

  • GASGAS USA Factory Trials Team continues podium surge
  • Josh Roper places P3 on both days to continue Pro Class podium run
  • 1-2 results a repeat for defending Women’s champion Maddie Hoover

Staged at the Trials Training Center, Saturday saw Josh Roper power his GASGAS TXT GP 300 to third position on the Pro Class podium, which he repeated on Sunday with another P3 result. Roper gradually gained strength throughout the weekend, minimising his mistakes on Sunday and once again in challenging, warm conditions.


Josh Roper: “Saturday went pretty good. Overall, I wouldn’t say it was my best day, but it wasn’t my worst day. There were definitely some solid rides, and then there were some rides that had me asking myself ‘Why did I put my foot down?’ [laughs]. It’s hard to be perfect in trials. Overall, I’m really happy with how the sections turned out. And then Sunday was pretty good. I think the sections were a bit easier today, but they were still very easy to make mistakes in. That happened to me on my first lap – I just had a couple of points here and there, all silly ones and twos. Then I had a five on section 11 that was unnecessary that I didn’t need… the second and third loop went much much better. I was pretty exhausted, still pretty tired, but managed to push through it. I feel like my riding got better throughout the weekend and I felt much better on the bike today.”

Defending Women Pro Champion Maddie Hoover replicated her results from the first rounds of the season in going 1-2 across Saturday and Sunday. She rode her GASGAS TXT GP 300 to the victory in Round 3, before title rival and fellow GASGAS trials standout Kylee Sweeten won Round 4 and bumped Maddie back to P2.


Maddie Hoover: “It started out a little shaky on the first lap on Saturday, where I had an unfortunate five, but ended up on a two-point lap for the last loop, which I’m pretty happy with. It was pretty technical and the sections were pretty short, but plenty of room for mistakes. It just felt good to be back to where I felt like I was riding my best in Round 3 – I felt very well-conditioned and the riding really suited my style. Sunday went okay. I had some good rides, but unfortunately, I had too many mistakes, so it cost me in the end. The sections changed quite a bit throughout the day, and I don’t think they were the same each time each rider was going through, which was unfortunate. Only being two points off isn’t too bad, but still not what we were going for – obviously we wanted the win. Congratulations to Kylee though, she rode phenomenally, and a two-point loop is incredible. I guess we’re going to have a battle this year!”

Pro Class Results – Round 3

1. Pat Smage, Sherco
2. Toby Martyn, Montesa
3. Josh Roper, GASGAS USA Factory Trials Team

Women Pro Class Results – Round 3

1. Maddie Hoover, GASGAS USA Factory Trials Team
2. Kylee Sweeten, GASGAS

Pro Class Results – Round 4

1. Pat Smage, Sherco
2. Toby Martyn, Montesa
3. Josh Roper, GASGAS USA Factory Trials Team

Women Pro Class Results – Round 4

1. Kylee Sweeten, GASGAS
2. Maddie Hoover, GASGAS USA Factory Trials Team

Source: GASGAS



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