VOLTERRA Motors Announces Collaboration with Instituto Europeo di Design to Develop Next-Generation Electric Motorcycle Prototype

NEW YORK, NY – December 21, 2022 – (Motor Sports NewsWire) – VOLTERRA Global Technologies Inc. (“VOLTERRA” or the “Company”), a United States based All-Electric Powersports Vehicles Manufacturer, today announced a collaboration with Instituto Europeo di Design (“IED”) in Turin, Italy, for master’s degree students to design a fully-electric, next-generation touring motorcycle for VOLTERRA.

This program took place during the first semester of the 2022-2023 academic year, with about 25 students of the master course in transportation design at IED Turin submitting concepts for a two-wheeled “concept bike” under the VOLTERRA brand. Students were briefed on VOLTERRA’s mission to develop clean alternatives in the Powersports industry, while maintaining the range, safety, and riding sensations seen in traditional gasoline-powered motorcycles.

The most promising design, one that fits both aesthetically and technologically with the Volterra brand, was chosen for further research and development activities. This final design comfortably seats two adults plus additional luggage, is anticipated to have a range of over 250 miles and includes cutting-edge user interface technology for a safe and comfortable ride.

222112 VOLTERRA Motors - Sleek and Modern Design Without the Gasoline
Sleek and Modern Design Without the Gasoline

“Working with students, you can tap into a new level of creativity and vision that is often overlooked at larger corporations with cookie-cutter designs,” said Jose Villegas, Chief Executive Officer of VOLTERRA. “At VOLTERRA, we are looking to create products that are new and exciting to customers, ones that resonate with riders around the world, and we could not be more pleased with the designs developed by the students at IED. The entire experience during this collaboration has been superb, and we look forward to developing a long-term relationship to continue this program in the future.”

About VOLTERRA Motors

VOLTERRA Motors was founded through a spin out of UM Motorcycles by Jose Villegas and Diego Villegas. After significant market research and years of product development in the electric vehicle space, the Company will launch a full line-up of electric powersports vehicles in the recreation and utility segments that are both environmentally friendly and cost-efficient while bringing exhilarating riding sensations. Electric technology has emerged as a proven solution to the harmful effects of burning fossil fuels and reliance on oil for transportation. In addition to the extensive knowledge within the automotive industry brought by the Villegas family, the Company has established a robust management team to execute product development, manufacturing and operations as well as global sales and distribution.

About Instituto Europeo di Design (IED)

IED is an international group with a proudly local outlook, spanning 12 campuses in Italy, Spain, and Brazil. IED is the largest higher education network in the creative field to have maintained a global outlook and a deeply Italian cultural matrix since 1966. Our educational experience has changed over time but continues to be based on a simple and effective model: we combine theory with practice and knowledge, brought into the classroom by professionals from the world of work. We teach our students to be one step ahead, in the present. We are an inclusive, transdisciplinary school that uses design as a universal language for change. We have partnerships with universities and academies and are members of major international academics, including Cumulus, Elia, and WDO. The Transportation Design and Mobility sector looks into the future of mobility by understanding society, people’s habits, and the way current fast-changing scenarios are shaping our new approach to mobility. Both our Transportation Design and Mobility Design programs give the opportunity to get deep into the design world and discover new areas of city mobility as you learn to design vehicles and services that will contribute greatly to the future of transportation.

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