NEW – S&S Launches Turbo Kit for Kawasaki KRX Models!

220916 S&S Launches Turbo Kit for Kawasaki KRX Models! (678)

VIOLA, WI – September 16, 2022 – (Motor Sports NewsWire) – The Kawasaki KRX 1000 is a well built and incredibly durable Side-by-Side but it keeps begging for more power. The always power hungry folks at S&S’s Off-Road Division heard the cry of the KRX and answered with a well thought out Turbo Kit. “The factory KRX motor was not happy with forced induction and it took us eighteen months to sort out a combination of parts that would make big reliable power” states VP of Marketing at S&S.

220916 S&S Launches Turbo Kit for Kawasaki KRX Models! (2)

They are reporting a 50% gain in Horsepower and a 0-60 time that drops from the factory 11.5 seconds to a much more fun 6.2 seconds. Their kit includes a massive fan cooled air to air intercooler (others do not) as well as 9:1 compression pistons that allow for 10 psi of boost (double of any competitor) and a pre-loaded PV3 tuner.

220916 S&S Launches Turbo Kit for Kawasaki KRX Models! (3)

“Our turbo kit is incredibly well thought out and includes details others do not, like larger injectors, a high flow fuel rail, and even upgraded spark plugs” shares Zemla. We’re impressed by the factory look of the kit and can’t wait to get one out in the dirt. Release date is set for early October and S&S says it will be a limited run. For more info hit up your local dealer or the S&S website at

220916 S&S Launches Turbo Kit for Kawasaki KRX Models! (4)

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