FLATED® Releases Inflatable Truck Topper for Mid-Sized Trucks

Rigid, Inflatable and Deflatable FLATED Air-Topper™ Fits
America’s Most Popular Mid-Sized Long Bed Trucks

CARLSBAD, CA – September 14, 2022 – (Motor Sports NewsWire) – FLATED®, the recently launched automotive accessory brand bringing inflatable innovations to cars and trucks everywhere, has just announced the release of a new Air-Topper™ truck bed cover to fit the most popular mid-sized long bed trucks on the road. FLATED’s Air-Topper is rigid and durable, inflates in minutes, and deflates for quick and easy storage.

FLATED’s most recent Air-Topper model fits first, second, and third generations of the iconic Toyota Tacoma long bed as well as most long bed versions of the Nissan Frontier, Nissan Navara, Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon. FLATED Air-Toppers offer added utility for work, travel, overlanding, four-wheeling, camping and road-tripping. Paired with FLATED’s innovative and inflatable Air-Deck™, the Air-Topper turns trucks into sleek, efficient, and comfortable camping vehicles.

“When we designed the Air-Topper, we knew we’d need to fit the most popular mid-sized trucks on the road,” says Ryan Guay, co-founder and CEO of FLATED. “The mid-sized truck is the ultimate all-around truck for just about everything from a weekday workhorse to a weekend warrior. Our Air-Topper line fits dozens of truck models and this may be the one we’re most excited about, as mid-sized truck owners are typically chasing on and off-road adventures all the time. From overlanding in the mountains or desert to beach camping at the local surf break, FLATED is now making road trips easier and more convenient.”

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FLATED’s Air-Topper is the world’s first inflatable truck shell, with models fitting Ford, Chevrolet GMC and Toyota standard and short bed trucks and now, many mid-sized long bed trucks. Featuring high-tech drop-stitch construction, which uses tens of thousands of stitches to create a rigid shape and surface, the Air-Topper technology is similar to that used in stand-up paddle boards.

Born in 2021 from the minds of outdoor gear and stand-up paddle board industry experts, FLATED Air-Toppers are waterproof and use super tough military grade materials. All Air-Toppers feature eight attachment points to secure to truck rails, tinted side and back rollable vinyl windows with zipping and removable side screens, and internal organizing pockets. All side and back windows are replaceable, and the Air-Topper comes complete with a high-pressure hand pump. Prices start at $1899.00.

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FLATED’s Air-Topper™, Air-Carrier™ cargo box, Air-Deck™ platform, and Air-Chalet™ pet carrier are all waterproof, durable, and inflate and deflate in minutes. All FLATED® product styles come with an easy-carry bag with backpack-style shoulder straps and roll up for quick and easy storage and ultimate convenience. Learn more about the inflatable revolution at www.getflated.com.


FLATED® was born in 2021 from the minds of outdoor gear and stand-up paddle board industry experts looking for a simpler, easier way to enjoy the adventurous life. All FLATED products are patent pending and feature inflatable, deflatable, and easy transport and storage solutions for mobile lifestyles. Based in the stand-up paddle and surf hub of Carlsbad, California, FLATED continues to innovate and bring new solutions to anyone looking to adventure more easily and more often. www.getflated.com

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