RIGID Industries Delivers Smart Lighting Technology for the Aftermarket

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Adapt® LED Light Bar is among the first EV aftermarket accessories

LAS VEGAS, NV – November 6, 2021– (Motor Sports NewsWire) – RIGID® Industries, the leader in high-performance LED lighting for off-road pick-up trucks, SUVs and off-road vehicles, is launching its A2Z for e-Mobility™ initiative to develop smarter, more efficient lighting technology optimized for electric vehicles (EVs). A2Z for e-Mobility builds upon the technology innovations found in the RIGID Adapt E-Series® LED light bar, among the first accessories in the aftermarket industry today, which can be installed on ICE-powered vehicles, but are optimized for EVs.

“As full-size pickup trucks, SUVs and off-road vehicles are rapidly adopting electric power, aftermarket accessories like LED lighting also need to be optimized for EVs,” said Aaron Richardson, RIGID Industries president. “A2Z for e-Mobility represents our commitment to lead the industry with high-performance LED lighting solutions long into the future.”

The Leader in Innovation for Aftermarket Lighting

With a longstanding history of excellence in lighting for performance-driven vehicles, RIGID knew it needed to uphold its reputation within the industry. Focusing on the Adapt brand, the lights adjust given the power draw on the vehicle’s battery, allowing for maximum vehicle performance.

The RIGID Adapt E-Series has two layers of adaptive response for vehicle and driving conditions. The first layer of adaptive response is RIGID’s Active Power Management™ (APM) system which continuously monitors input voltage to determine the status of the vehicle’s electrical system. If the voltage is stable, the Adapt E-Series will continue to utilize all available power for the most output possible. If the available voltage to the light begins to drop due to insufficient power, RIGID’s APM™ system will gradually reduce the light’s power consumption until the vehicle’s voltage stabilizes.

The second layer of adaptive response is RIGID’s proven Active View Technology, which utilizes an internal GPS to monitor the vehicle’s speed, allowing the Adapt E-Series to properly distribute power among three unique optic zones, creating an optimal beam pattern to suit the vehicle’s speed. As the speed changes, power is dynamically routed through various optics (scene optics for low speed, driving optics for moderate speed and spot optics for high-speed driving). This allows for a seamless transition between beam patterns.

“Whether RIGID customers use their vehicles for work or fun – performance is critical, and with our responsive technology, drivers can be confident that they’ll have ample power and lighting no matter the driving conditions,” said Richardson.

A2Z Improves Performance by Reducing Amp Draw by 50% or More

A2Z for e-Mobility is an initiative spanning all Clarience Technologies™ companies focused on energy-efficient solutions that improve performance of electric vehicles by reducing battery amp draw. The A2Z for e-Mobility initiative brings EV-optimized LED lighting solutions for trucks, trailers and truck bodies.

Many factors reduce vehicle performance, including temperature, vehicle weight, and any power draw from equipment being towed. A2Z for e-Mobility was designed to reduce parasitic loads that draw power from an electric vehicle battery. The Clarience team brought their knowledge and expertise to the aftermarket, creating a series that will help off-road enthusiasts and those who demand performance from their vehicles peace of mind that additional lighting will not negatively affect their vehicle’s power and performance. A2Z for e-Mobility has led to new designs that deliver a 50 percent or greater reduction in current amp draw.

Michigan-based Clarience Technologies is a leading provider of electronic advanced telematics, LED lighting and safety components for transportation.

About RIGID Industries

RIGID Industries is an aftermarket automotive lighting company focused on manufacturing LED products for off-road, powersports, marine, agriculture, military and OEM markets. The company was formed in 2004 and has facilities in Mesa and Gilbert, Arizona. The technology utilizes patented hybrid optical reflectors that project light further than the standard TIR reflector. Learn more at rigidindustries.com.

About Clarience Technologies 

Clarience Technologies focuses on developing vehicle and fleet management technology innovations the commercial vehicle, passenger car, recreational off-road machine and pleasure craft markets. Through our data and insights, we improve fleet management, streamline supply chain management and enhance safety on and off the road. Since our Truck-Lite brand introduced the first sealed marker light in 1955, our companies have unveiled a steady stream of innovations that have turned customers into long-term partners. Today, Clarience Technologies is a global company known for its quality and dedication to sustainability – and to providing the technologies that keep our world moving forward. Learn more at www.clariencetechnologies.com.

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