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NEW YORK, CA – June 16, 2021 – (Motor Sports NewsWire) – FUELL, the company built on the single unifying idea of creating an urban mobility solution for cities is ready for growth in the second half of 2021. The innovative manufacturer of groundbreaking electric vehicles like the Flluid-1S, has already launched a successful Powersports dealer program and is ready to continue with strong sales and even more dealers as they head into the last two quarters of this year.

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FUELL believes that the future of EV mobility starts with the Flluid-1S E-Bike. The Flluid-1S delivers incredible efficiency, with a sleek modern look and a range of up to 125 miles.The Flluid E-bike is a perfect vehicle to kick off FUELL’s vision of modern urban mobility and is one of the primary components in FUELL’s strategy for the future.

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But what are the key market drivers fueling FUELL’s commitment to EV mobility and the Flluid-1S E-bike? Here are the top reasons that FUELL has chosen to start their journey with the Flluid-1S.

Key Market Drivers


  • High urbanization rates

  • Aggressive city energy policy and tax benefits

  • Proliferation of bicycling infrastructure


  • Consumer desire to move away from cars for motorized local transportation

  • Consumers shifting away from low-quality & low-price – consumers favoring higher-quality, higher-priced & higher-performing EPACs & LEVs

  • Consumers looking for alternative environmentally friendly modes of transportation Consumers wants a motorized alternative


  • Improving battery technology enabling lighter e-bikes that are lower cost

  • Increased production capacity

  • Innovative & high-quality OEM components

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The advanced FUELL technology utilized in the Flluid-1S has been created to deliver maximum performance, convenience, and range for the modern urban commuter with a focus on macro-mobility. Additionally, the Flluid 1-S is available for new FUELL dealers to order now.

To sign up to become a new FUELL dealer contact FUELL at [email protected] and to learn more about FUELL vehicles head to www.FUELL.US.

Source: FUELL Inc.