Damon Motors and Auteco Mobility Join Forces to Electrify Latin America’s Two-Wheel Market

Long-term partnership aims to develop, manufacture and distribute region-specific premium electric motorcycles, with the Damon HyperSport as the flagship entrant

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA – (Motor Sports NewsWire) –  Damon Motors today announced a strategic alliance with Auteco Mobility to deliver the world’s smartest, safest, connected electric motorcycles to the Latin American market. The two companies plan to collaborate for sales and support of Damon-branded motorcycles, including Damon’s flagship HyperSport superbike as well as the development and manufacturing of new Damon products specifically designed to meet the needs of Latin American riders. Additionally, Auteco plans to license aspects of Damon’s CoPilot™ safety technology for use in their own Victory branded motorcycles. The Damon CoPilot system is the first adaptive 360 degree safety warning system in the motorcycle industry. Learn more about the Damon/Auteco partnership in this video.

“Damon and Auteco Mobility jointly believe we need to deliver significantly safer motorcycles, while accelerating a clean energy future,” said Jay Giraud, founder & CEO, Damon Motors. “With this shared vision of motorcycle electrification, we’re excited to introduce the Damon Experience to this new region and customize our innovation to create the quintessential Latin American Damon motorcycle brand.”

Auteco has been the undisputed market leader in ICE motorcycles for more than 12 years in Colombia and is a pioneer and clear leader in electric personal motorcycles, bicycles and kick scooters. Auteco offers Latin America’s largest network of exclusive dealers (800+), workshops (550+), and spare parts points of sale (3,000+). Under terms of the agreement, Auteco will leverage its market intelligence to collaborate with Damon in creating a purpose-built Latin America-specific Damon motorcycle. Auteco and Damon also plan to execute a local sales strategy across Auteco’s expansive network.

“Damon’s high-performance HyperSport has captured the imagination of Latin American riders who crave safer, technologically-advanced, electric motorcycles,” said Jose Fernando Vasquez Gutierrez, chairman of the board, Auteco Mobility. “Together with Damon Motors, we look to fulfill this market need and deliver an ultra-premium, North American EV product line for the next-generation of motorcyclists.”

Damon aims to deliver the safest and cleanest premium, high-technology motorcycles on the market. The company was born to push limits, challenging the motorcycling establishment and changing the rules with its award-winning HyperSport. Damon is the first to incorporate sensor fusion, mechatronics and AI, so that every time a HyperSport is ridden, it adapts to meet the rider’s evolving needs and abilities. Damon is showing the world that the future of motorcycling is smarter, safer, more exhilarating, and more personal with the fusion of man and machine. To see the Damon HyperSport in action, watch this video.

For more information on Damon Motors, visit www.damon.com.

About Damon Motors Inc.

Damon is unleashing the full potential of personal mobility for the world’s commuters. With its HyperDrive™ proprietary electric powertrain, the company has developed the world’s safest, smartest, fully connected electric motorcycle platform employing sensor fusion, mechatronics and AI. Based in Vancouver, Canada, Damon is founded by serial entrepreneurs Jay Giraud and Dom Kwong. Learn more at damon.com and follow us on Instagram @damonmotorcycles.

About Auteco Mobility

Auteco Mobility is leading Latin America’s transition from combustion into electric vehicles. The company is a pioneer in electric mobility products ranging from electric bicycles, scooters, mopeds, and motorcycles to light-weight passenger and cargo vehicles.

Auteco Mobility is a major importer and manufacturer of motorcycles, with direct presence in Colombia and Mexico. Auteco’s operational excellence has enabled them to capture significant market share, which they have leveraged with the introduction of their own rapidly growing Victory motorcycle brand, with plans to expand internationally in 2021. For more information, visit www.autecomobility.com.

Source: Damon Motors Inc.

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