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CORONA, CA – June 19, 2020 – (Motor Sports NewsWire) – Pro Circuit is excited to release an assortment of engine accessories like Billet cam covers, tappet covers and engine plug kits for select mini bike models. New tappet covers for the ’15-20 KLX110 and 2020 KLX230, a Billet cam cover for the ’02-20 KLX110 and ’10-20 KLX110L, as well as engine plug kits for the ’18-20 CRF110F and ’10-20 KLX110 are now available at the shop and are all machined from aircraft-grade aluminum, anodized red and hand polished for a true works look any mini bike rider will be sure to appreciate. Don’t pass up the opportunity to continue tricking out your mini moto ride. Grab some new accessories and show your support for one of the best brands in the business!

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