The Beast ATV Ultimate, Daymak’s Longest Range Electric ATV

Daymak Beast ATV Ultimate

TORONTO, CANADA – November 2, 2018 – (Motor Sports Newswire) –  Daymak Inc. is pleased to announce that it has launched the new Beast AWD ATV Ultimate version. With the all new Beast ATV Ultimate you will be able to go further than any electric ATV has gone before. Fully configured the Beast ATV Ultimate will have a range of up to 360 km/ 225 miles on a single charge giving you more than enough power to take this machine along the most epic ATV trails.

This ATV comes with a built-in inverter that allows you to charge all your peripherals that you may have brought with you on your trip. “This ATV can be used for camping or hunting. You can use the inverters to charge up your equipment, lights, phones etc. Or as a power back up thanks to its built in inverter. You can also use the removable case as a backup generator,” says Aldo Baiocchi, President of Daymak. It has both a USB port as well as a 110V outlet so you are covered for most conventional electronic devices.

“This is the longest range all electric all-wheel drive ATV available in the market today! It also has a ton of features including: double motor, winch, heated grips, MP3, stereo speakers, plow, back rest and turbo mode,” Aldo continued. With all this extra power the Daymak Beast ATV Ultimate is the ideal electric ATV.

There is also a standard lead acid reserve battery pack built in to the unit that you can switch to in case you run out of power from the lithium pack and give yourself an additional range up to 50 km /30 miles. So you can ride worry free knowing you will have enough battery to get back and if you don’t require range you can turn up the power and turn the turbo on for maximum speed.

These range amounts are estimated under flat terrain with one motor running. Expect a degree of variance in hilly terrain and with both motors running.

The Beast ATV Ultimate will be starting at $9999 which will come with the standard lead acid battery and one 60V 40AH lithium ion battery giving a range of approximately 100 km / 62 miles. And the Beast ATV Ultimate can have up to 7 additional batteries put in it each costing an additional $2000 each to the MSRP. Fully loaded the Beast Ultimate ATV will cost $23,999 and will have the full 360 km / 200 mile range.

For more information please contact Jason Roy Vice President, at 416-658-3993 ext. 1103 or feel free to email him at

Source: Daymak Inc.

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