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The Secrete Power of a Press Release.

4 REASONS WHY YOUR PRESS RELEASES will OUT PERFORM ordinary advertising by a factor of 20x or more every time.


A press release published, distributed and archived by Motor Sports NewsWire can be picked up and published and republished tens, hundreds or even thousands of times on social media, websites, search engines, magazines, newspapers, broadcast news, databases all across the internet.


A Single Advertisement placed anywhere can’t compared to a Press Release distributed by Motor Sports NewsWire – Readers rate editorial content, like your press release, with considerably higher value, up to 20 times higher {2,000% } over an ordinary ad, generating a significantly higher response rate.


A Single Advertisement placed anywhere compared to a Press Release – The price you pay for advertising can’t even come close to Super Low Cost of Your Press Release published, distributed and archived by Motor Sports NewsWire if you look at it as one location to one location.

When you consider the addition of FORCE MULTIPLIER effect of a press release, the cost just plummets so low it’s almost incalculable.

Place a single ad and it’s in just one place, have Motor Sports NewsWire distributed Your Press Release and your editorial content could be in hundreds of places all over print and online media.


The Easiest Way to write a Killer Press Release is to use contact that is already written.

EXAMPLE: Let’s say your release is about a new product. “I think one of the best at this is Pro Circuit click here to check out a perfect example. 100% of the content comes straight from their website

Headline: The best  Headlines are short and to the point.

Body: You will want to cut and paste the product description straight from your website. This provides consistent information. You never want to use different terms or phrases in one place and something else somewhere else, it just confuses people and may cause a lost sale. That is why we recommend cutting and pasting contact, it’s always the same.

Boiler Plate: Your “Boiler Plate” is to be placed at the end of every press release. Simply use your “About Us” that is already on you website. Once again cut and paste this from your website and include it in every press release to help build brand recognition.




The very second your press release is published on Motor Sports NewsWire it is also distributed to:

->  21,869 Motorsports & Powersports professionals and enthusiasts who have signed up to receive press releases via email receive it,

->  4,272 Websites receive your press release via RSS feed,

->  All Major Motorsports and Powersports media outlets receive your press release via email, giving them the opportunity to pick up and run your release,

->  Your press release will remain in Motor Sports NewsWire’s database for 5 years (1,825 days), and

->  Your Press Release will remain in MSN data base whether you maintain your Motor Sports NewsWire subscription or not.

Subscription plans

ALL PLANS are MONTH-TO-MONTH Subscriptions,
You can cancel it at anytime without penalty.

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