McLaren F1 with Miles Expected to Fetch Over $120 Million at Action

240426 McLaren F1 with Miles Expected to Fetch Over $120 Million at Action [678]

The sale will take place exclusively online through Sotheby’s Sealed, featuring the ultra-rare 1995 McLaren F1, distinguished by its one-off Creighton Brown color. Bidding opens on 13 May and closes on 16 May 2024.

  • The sale will take place exclusively online through Sotheby’s Sealed. Bidding opens on 13 May 2024
  • The ultra-rare 1995 McLaren F1, noted for its one-off Creighton Brown paintwork, is expected to fetch over $20 million
  • This F1 is one of the lowest mileage examples in existence, with just 410 kilometers (~254 miles) on the odometer at time of cataloguing
  • Known as one of the finest McLaren F1s in the world
  • Only 106 McLaren F1s were ever made, with this being one of just 64 ‘standard’ road cars
  • McLaren F1’s have appreciated in value by nearly $1 million per year
  • All photos can be seen here

NEW YORK, NY – April 26, 2024 – (Motor Sports NewsWire) –  Sotheby’s Sealed is thrilled to offer one of the most legendary cars to ever be produced: a 1995 McLaren F1, a landmark automobile in both 20th-century automotive engineering and design. This ultra-rare vehicle, notable for its one-off Creighton Brown paintwork and matching interior color scheme, is expected to command in excess of $20 million at the sealed bid auction commencing online on 13 May 2024.

The McLaren F1 sought to be the greatest driver’s car ever built, boasting a revolutionary carbon fiber monocoque chassis that combined strength with exceptional lightness, alongside numerous other innovations. Powered by a BMW-designed 6.1-liter V12 engine, it achieved a record-breaking top speed of 240.1 mph, a record held for nearly a decade. Its aesthetic appeal is truly one of a kind as it is the only of its type to be finished in Creighton Brown over Light Tan and Brazilian Brown and in the realm of rare cars demanding top dollar and boasting remarkably low mileage, there’s no doubt that this particular McLaren F1 stands out as one of the most coveted in the world.

Its design features a unique central driving position with two passengers seated on either side of the driver, enhancing the driving experience and vehicle dynamics, and setting it apart from traditional automobiles. Only 106 McLaren F1s of all iterations were built in total, with each unit offering bespoke customization, further solidifying its status as a coveted piece of automotive history. This particular F1, with only 410 kilometers (~254 miles) from new, represents one of the finest examples, due to its incredibly low mileage and one-off color scheme.

The McLaren F1’s legendary status is bolstered by its racing pedigree, having won the 1995 24 Hours of Le Mans on its debut outing, despite it having initially been designed only for road use. Becoming one of only three makes to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans on its first attempt, it was also the last road-based supercar to win at Le Mans. This blend of top-tier motorsport success, limited production, and cutting-edge engineering cements the F1 as the gold standard of modern supercars.

“From the moment it launched, the McLaren F1 was a classic. Priced at nearly one million dollars, it was the most expensive car ever offered for sale at the time. Despite this, true enthusiasts could easily justify its eye-watering price tag considering the innovations and technologies it utilized by Gordon Murray in his uncompromising pursuit of creating the greatest driver’s car of all time. In the eyes of many, it achieved that lofty goal when new, and is still considered one of the best-driving cars ever produced over thirty years since its introduction.  Often dubbed as ‘the modern-day Ferrari 250 GTO,’ very few assets have experienced the value appreciation seen in the McLaren, drawing comparisons to timeless artwork showcased in the world’s most renowned museums. It’s not just a vehicle; it’s a masterpiece.” Shelby Myers, Head of Private Sales, RM Sotheby’s

Enhancing its collectability, the car comes with a suite of desirable original accessories, including custom-fitted luggage tailored to match the car’s interior upholstery, a FACOM tool chest, a tool roll, and a one-off matching TAG Heuer watch made for the McLaren F1 inscribed with the car’s chassis number. As one of only 64 standard road cars built, ownership is restricted to a small, elite group worldwide due to their rarity and sheer desirability.

This auction offers a rare opportunity to acquire a pinnacle of automotive engineering and luxury, marking a potential landmark event for collectors and enthusiasts globally.

Images can be downloaded HERE.

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