Tesla Cyberbeast Sets New Auction Record, Sells for $262,500

Tesla Cyberbeast [678]

The first Tesla Cyberbeast, the highest specification Cybertruck available, auctioned exclusively online by Sotheby’s Motorsport (SOMO), set a world record by selling for $262,500 today

  • The Tesla Cyberbeast made its auction debut exclusively through Sotheby’s Motorsport (SOMO) online, from 29 April 2024.
  • Bidding was strong from the start, quickly reaching the truck’s sticker price, and continued to rise to the final sale price of $262,500.
  • Its sale reflects the growing collectibility of electric vehicles and Tesla’s disruptive impact on the automotive industry.

MIAMI, FL – April 10, 2024 – (Motor Sports NewsWire) – Tesla’s latest marvel, the Cyberbeast, made its auction debut in an online event, exclusively through Sotheby’s Motorsport (SOMO). The auction, open for bidding through 9 April 2024, presented a unique opportunity for collectors and enthusiasts to acquire the very hard-to-acquire Cyberbeast.

“As we anticipated, the announcement of the Cyberbeast’s sale through Sotheby’s Motorsport immediately captured the internet’s fascination. We often get asked whether Teslas can or are considered collectible cars. Our response has always been affirmative, and the overwhelming interest in this auction only reinforces our conviction. The global bidding for this polarizing truck, a testament to its allure, was remarkable. With the auction held without a reserve, the outcome was unpredictable, yet bidding started strong and swiftly reached the truck’s sticker price, continuing to climb until it culminated in a record-setting $262,500. This event is a clear indication of the Cybertruck’s collectibility and signals more thrilling opportunities ahead with Sotheby’s Motorsport. Stay tuned for what’s next” Colleen Cash, President of Sotheby’s Motorsport.

Bidding for this groundbreaking truck commenced at $75,000, with the auction proceeding without a reserve, ensuring an opportunity for enthusiasts and collectors to own a piece of automotive history. It ultimately sold for a world record price of $262,500 on 9 April 2024.

The freshly delivered 2024 Cyberbeast stood as the zenith of Tesla’s ingenuity, destined to significantly influence the collectibility of electric vehicles in the future. This avant-garde model, in delivery condition, was fully outfitted for the contemporary era. It boasted a tri-motor all-wheel drive for thrilling performance, a cutting-edge interior featuring the latest in Tesla’s autonomous driving technologies, and substantial capabilities that underscored its practical yet revolutionary design. The Cyberbeast not only embodied the future of electric mobility but also paid homage to Tesla’s heritage of industry disruption, highlighting its unparalleled contribution to the automotive landscape.

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