Rider Dome Secures $2.3 Million in Seed Funding to Revolutionize Motorcycle Safety with AI-Based Solution

SINGAPOREFebruary 6, 2024 – (Motor Sports NewsWire) – Rider Dome, a Singapore-based company specializing in AI-driven safety solution for motorcycle fleets and riders, announces the successful completion of a $2.3 million seed funding round.

Participating in the funding round were private angel investors, Goldbell, a prominent Singaporean venture capital firm specializing in mobility, and Radha Rani Holdings Family Office based in Singapore.

Founded by Yoav Elgrichi, Kineret Karin and Guy Ron, Rider Dome has positioned itself at the forefront of motorcycle safety innovation. CEO Yoav Elgrichi expressed confidence in the strategic investors, stating, “With the strategic partnership of our investors, Rider Dome not only gains financial support but also taps into a wealth of experience and market understanding within the automotive industry. Our investors play a prominent role with a vast network that extends far and wide”.

Meeting Growing Demand for Safety Solutions

Rider Dome recognizes a surging demand from motorcycle fleets seeking safety and monitoring solutions to enhance rider safety and reduce the substantial costs associated with accidents, such as soaring insurance premiums and decreased productivity. This demand is particularly pronounced as businesses operating motorcycle fleets recognize the imperative need for advanced safety measures to mitigate risks and safeguard their riders.

In addition to fleet demand, Rider Dome is also witnessing a growing interest from cities aiming to enhance safety measures for the large motorcycle fleets navigating their roads. As urban environments experience a significant increase in two-wheeled transportation, municipalities and city planners are actively seeking cutting-edge safety solutions to ensure the well-being of riders and the safety of their communities.

In an era where Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) have become standard in cars, Rider Dome aims to revolutionize the motorcycle safety landscape, addressing a significant technological gap. The company leverages the power of AI to effectively reduce motorcycle accidents and enhance overall safety for riders, with a focus on the needs of large motorcycle fleets.

Rider Dome has already made significant strides, serving large motorcycle fleets globally, including notable clients such as Coca Cola, Singapore Post (SingPost), The City Council of Barcelona and more. The company’s technology is making a tangible impact in various sectors that uses motorcycles as part of their operation including logistics fleet, delivery service, motorcycle rental, ride-sharing, and emergency services.

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