Damon Motors Selects Molicel to Power Its 20 kWh Volt Exoskeleton Superbike

First Molicel-equipped HyperSport motorcycles deliver strong acceleration speed and performance results during latest testing at Thunderhill Raceway Park

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA – January 10, 2024 – (Motor Sports NewsWire) – Damon Motors Inc. (“Damon” or the “Company”) today announced a strategic partnership to build its award-winning motorcycles using E-One Moli Energy Corp. (“Molicel”) batteries. Molicel’s battery cell technology provides a unique balance of both high capacity and high power. Combined with Damon’s patented exoskeleton design, Damon motorcycles are expected to deliver more range, higher power, and shorter charge times than industry competitors. Damon and Molicel engineers will work in close collaboration on current and future applications, enabling Damon to deploy the latest technology and developments into its motorcycles.

“Molicel’s innovative and superior battery technology will further position Damon at the leading edge of EV tech,” said Derek Dorresteyn, CTO, Damon. “Additionally, Molicel’s recently announced British Columbia manufacturing plant will shorten supply chains for battery cells and improve the responsiveness of our North American motorcycle manufacturing activities.”

“Teaming up with Damon is a great fit as Molicel’s battery technology is tailor-made to meet the unique requirements of high-performance motorcycles,” said Casey Shiue, President, Molicel. “Additionally, we share a common synergy with Damon to be leaders in our respective industries. This partnership will further our missions to accomplish that.”

During one of its recent test events, Damon put its new Molicel-equipped HyperSport motorcycle to the test against a state-of-the-art 2023 model 1000cc superbike with promising results. Held on a private, closed-course track at Thunderhill Raceway in California, the HyperSport had the disadvantage of no rider aids yet enabled, while the competitor motorcycle had them all enabled, including lean angle traction control, wheelie control, and cornering ABS. Despite the HyperSport’s disadvantage, early results hint towards a compelling story for the evolution of motorcycling:

  1. The Damon HyperSport successfully accelerated at a comparable rate to the 1000cc competitor motorcycle, where they achieved top speeds of 168 mph and 169 mph respectively, before braking for corner 1 on Thunderhill’s straightaway. This was enabled by Damon’s proprietary 6-phase 150 kW dual-cooled IPM motor-gearbox, which delivers 200 hp and up to 230 nm torque output linearly through to an 18,000 rpm redline.
  2. Power delivery was considerably smoother than the 1000cc superbike. The usual problem of an unstable chassis caused by the fluctuating torque in traditional combustion engines was noticeably not present. (see graphs above) With the ability to deliver increasing power smoothly from HyperSport’s proprietary drivetrain, Damon predicts that future HyperSport tests with its rider aids enabled will set a new bar in performance.
  3. The Damon HyperSport also benefits from enhanced handling and performance due to the minimal presence of rotating and reciprocal forces, as well as vibrations typically associated with combustion engines. This absence reduces interference with the rider’s control over the motorcycle, resulting in later braking into the corners, faster turn ins and earlier acceleration in corner exits. Early test results in the graphs above show how precious seconds can be shaved to give HyperSport a winning advantage.
  4. The patented liquid cooling technology, single-sided electric connection, and 500V architecture are integrated into a compact exoskeleton, minimizing space and weight and effectively transferring rider inputs to the contact patch of the tire, even without traction control enabled during the test. This design allowed the HyperSport to deliver a remarkably high continuous power output, comparable to the 1000cc superbike it was tested against.

Download images here: https://we.tl/t-EqhcQaJEUx

With 40 patents in its technology stack, Damon’s all-electric HyperDrive powertrain significantly reduces these legacy issues that have plagued combustion engine technology for more than a century, resulting in unparalleled performance and a next-generation riding experience. And with its embedded Shift™ active ergonomics, 4G connectivity and proprietary AI-enabled cloud, Damon’s software-defined motorcycles will be able to continually adapt to a rapidly changing world, setting a new standard in performance, safety and rider experience.

The evolution of the species has begun.

The Company has raised more than $70M in funding to date and secured over $85M in deposit-backed reservations for its superbikes representing more than 3400 units. It recently announced plans to complete a merger transaction, which would result in a listing on the NASDAQ of the combined merger company, under the ticker symbol DMN.

Damon is at CES 2024 to showcase its critically-acclaimed HyperFighter motorcycle in the NXP booth CP-19 at the Las Vegas Convention Center Central Plaza, January 9-12, 2024.

For more information, visit damon.com.

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Damon Motors is a global technology leader disrupting urban mobility, led by entrepreneurs and executives from world-class automotive and technology companies. With its offices in San Rafael, California and headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, Damon is on a mission to cause a paradigm shift for safer, smarter motorcycling. The Company is delivering on its promise with award-winning innovation and groundbreaking technologies. Anchored by its proprietary electric powertrain, HyperDrive, Damon has captured the attention of the motorcycling world by delivering top speeds of 200 mph, innovative design, and new features, including CoPilot and Shift, that are attracting an entirely new generation of riders. With strong consumer interest in the US and abroad, Damon aims to set a new standard for motorcycle safety and sustainability worldwide. For more information on how Damon technology is defining the new industry standard, please visit damon.com and follow the company on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


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