FUELL Fllow – PreOrders are opening now!

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NEW YORK, NY – November 21, 2022- (Motor Sports NewsWire) – We are thrilled to (re-)introduce you to the FUELL Fllow e-commuter: the brainchild of our legendary CTO, Erik Buell, and his great engineering team at FUELL.

Fllow is a modern “e-commuter” with a 10Kwh battery, an innovative wheel motor with a power of 47hp (optional 15hp), a highway-capable top speed, a high-voltage architecture, and a sub-30 minute fast charging time. All this is packed in a machine weighing less than 400 lbs.

You might remember FUELL Fllow from the reveal of the brand back in 2019. As a result of the global pandemic, FUELL had to slow down this project as supply chains were heavily disrupted, and specific development with suppliers had to be postponed.

Fast forward to today, and there is much good news for Fllow. The supply chain is returning to normal, and suppliers are ready to re-engage with FUELL to continue the development of specific technologies and parts.

Simultaneously to this pre-order campaign, FUELL is also building its network of importers, wholesalers, and dealers, and interested parties can contact fllowdistribution@fuell.us

The FUELL Team is at your disposal for any questions!

About FUELL Inc.  

Founded in 2018 with the Franco-American convergence of Erik Buell, legendary  engineer and founder of Buell Motorcycles, and François-Xavier Terny, serial  entrepreneur with a sharp focus on innovation in product, process and business models,  FUELL is a manufacturer of premium electric mobility solutions for urban center  dwellers.

The company’s products are designed starting with a blank sheet, rethinking every  feature and component to deliver innovative, premium products for those seeking to rely  on electric two-wheeled forms of transportation.

FUELL presents the best of personal mobility and freedom for premium customers,  while offering unparalleled safety and advanced technology integrated with all the  benefits of electric powertrains.

FUELL Inc.  – fuell@fuell.us

Source: FUELL Inc.