Quin Design Helmets announces expansion to UK market market through partnership with iHelmets

DALLAS DESIGN DISTRICT, TX – December 15th, 2020 – (Motor Sports NewsWire) –  Quin Design is proud to announce partnership with iHelmets for distribution of Quin Design Helmets in the United Kingdom.

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Previously available only in the United States, Quin Design smart helmets are now available to UK Motorcyclists for the first time, thanks to iHelmets. The online retailer, which offers both helmets and accessories, has become the first approved international retailer for the ground breaking brand, bringing Quin’s invisibly integrated smart technology designs to the UK market and making waves across the industry.

Noel Lewis, Sales Director at iHelmets said, “Motorcyclists are among some of the most vulnerable road users, and should an accident occur, time is of the essence, with even a few seconds delay in getting the right help having the potential to cause a devastating impact. Motorcyclists in America have had access to Quin’s state-of-the-art helmets for months, with a national network of dealers, but until now, the tech has not made it out of the US.”

“We’re incredibly proud and very excited to be chosen as the first approved international retailer of Quin’s latest helmets. We are thrilled to be doing our part to provide greater access to essential safety devices for UK Motorcyclists.”

Quin Design has selected four models for release in the UK market, from two of 2020’s latest smart range, all available exclusively through iHelmets. From the lightweight carbon Ghost range is the Quin Design Ghost Double Zero and the Quin Design Ghost Umbra, which has broken the record for being the lightest smart helmet in the world at just 1270g.

From the full face Spitfire range comes the Quin Design Spitfire Nero, and the Quin Design Spitfire Rosso. All products helmets come with the Intelliquin system built in, along with a fully integrated Bluetooth system, making motorcycling even more enjoyable.

Ani Surabhi, Founder and Chief Designer at Quin Design, said, “Since Quin’s launch we have had a tremendous amount of interest and support from riders in the UK. Having studied at the Royal College of Arts and Imperial College London and having begun my career in helmet safety innovation with my former company Kranium in London, this market is of personal importance to me. We are thrilled to partner with iHelmets to make modern safety essentials more accessible in the UK and provide riders with outstanding local customer support.”

To find out more about Quin Design smart helmets, visit www.ihelmets.co.uk

About iHelmets

iHelmets is a leading online retailer for the latest motorcycle helmets and helmet accessories. In 2020, iHelmets was selected as the first international retailer of Quintessential Design’s smart-enabled helmets, and is currently the only approved retailer of the Ghost and Spitfire ranges in the UK. With an unwavering commitment to safety and on-road security, the iHelmets team is dedicated to sourcing state-of-the-art products to transform the landscape.


Quin Design is the creator of advanced systems that elevate safety and enhance operational performance for helmet-wearing motorists, athletes, and adventurists. Quin uses proprietary machine learning algorithms, artificial intelligence, and old-fashioned design-thinking to solve problems and improve lives. We create technology and products for which the utility is as obvious as the beauty. Design is our passion. Innovation is our forte. Safety is our mission. Quin Design is headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

Source: Quin Design

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