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STUART, FL – August 31, 2020 – (Motor Sports NewsWire) –  Nihilo Concepts is known for being innovative and developing aftermarket parts for motocross and Off Road motorcycles. Their newest offering is the SOS Switch that will never leave you stranded.

SOS stands for “Secondary On Switch” and that’s exactly what it is, a second starter button for your electric start Off Road and Motocross bike that will get you out of a pinch if you find your OEM switch won’t work.

The new crop of Motocross and Off Road machines are all equipped with electric start, pioneered by KTM and perfected over the years the concept of an electric start has become a must have for most riders. Once you’ve pushed the button, you don’t go back to the kick starter. Because the systems are so good on the new bikes the use of a conventional kick starter has become obsolete so the manufactures have removed them to save weight. This is a big improvement to modern bikes, but what they failed to think about is they only left you with one way to start your bike. If your handlebar start button gets torn off the bars by a branch or other bike on the track, you would be left with no way to start your bike. Sure, you can try to push start it, but that’s not always possible. If you’re on dirt with no traction, the rear wheel will just lock up and slide leaving you panting and frustrated.

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The Nihilo Concepts SOS is designed to eliminate this problem by providing a waterproof, durable, Military Grade, easy to install, auxiliary start button that you install in a safe tucked away location, so if you crash or tip over and damage the OEM button, you will have a second safe and protected button ready to go. The SOS is light and small, so there is no concern about adding weight or bulky accessories. It comes with everything you need and installs easily between the handlebar button and the battery in just a few minutes. The Nihilo Concepts SOS will give you peace of mind and security knowing that if you are miles away from your truck on a winding trail or in the back corner of the motocross track and your stock start button fails you won’t be pushing your bike back to the truck, you will simply reach for your SOS and be back in action.

The Nihilo web site provides videos and complete instructions for every brand so you can see exactly how to install the SOS on your bike if you have trouble just give them a call at 866-4-NIHILO and they will walk you through it.

The Nihilo SOS is the accessory that you didn’t even know you needed, but if you ever find yourself stranded, you will be glad you picked one up. Go to today to see the full line of innovative products for your dirt bike.

MSRP $69.99

Source: Nihilo Concepts

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