Forcite Celebrates Successful Launch of Groundbreaking MK1 Helmet

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Limited release of “Know Everything” helmet sells out in Australia;
Company gears up for 2020 US launch

SAN JOSE, CA – October 24, 2019 – (Motor Sports NewsWire) – Forcite is celebrating the sold-out success of its critically acclaimed MK1 helmet. The MK1 features Forcite’s patented RAYDAR™ helmet system, combining the latest Formula 1 LED technology, audio interactivity, military-grade camera recording and a fingertip handlebar controller into a smart, seamless and sensory rider experience. Forcite launched the MK1 in Australia to overwhelming demand, selling out within weeks and aims to ride that wave of success to the United States in 2020. To see the Forcite MK1 in action, watch this video.

“Up until now, the promise of a smart motorcycle helmet has been underwhelming, to say the least. Much of the tech out there is vaporware, over-promising and under-delivering. Forcite is here to change that,” said Alfred Boyadgis, founder & CEO, Forcite. “Forcite’s mantra is “Know Everything” and our RAYDAR system enables just that, setting a new standard in motorcycle connectivity and awareness by keeping riders fully informed of what is going on around them. Forcite is here to wage war with the big brands and fly the flag high as the leader in smart helmet tech globally.”

Forcite’s Australian launch of the MK1 was a huge success. The company ran a limited release of 1000 “Founders Edition” helmets and sold 700 in the first 48 hours, even crashing the server at one point due to high volume of demand. The MK1 would eventually go on to sell out. Forcite built momentum for the launch by taking the helmet on the road for preview events across Australia. Watch this video as prospective buyers waited in lines 100 people deep at times to be among the first to try out the MK1 for themselves.

Features of the MK1 helmet include:

RAYDAR – Forcite’s patented RAYDAR system connects motorcyclists to roads, communities and cities like never before. The server-based software system leverages AI to gather information from the millions of data points being communicated through mobile applications, GPS and cameras around the world that are currently inaccessible to motorcycle riders. RAYDAR then transmits that information to riders via a unique LED display that delivers colored visual cues similar to high-tech Formula 1 steering wheels. This enables riders to receive relevant information such as directions, hazards and alerts without dangerous HUD distractions, and without having to take their eyes off the road. To learn more about RAYDAR’s capabilities, watch this video.


HD Camera – The MK1 features a Sony HD Camera with near infrared sensitivity, super-wide 166° diagonal field of vision lens, and up to five hours of continuous recording time.

Superior Audio – Ultra-thin speakers and dual microphones provide crisp, clear audio in surround sound without road noise. Riders can take phone calls, listen to music or communicate with other MK1 users via Forcite’s voice-over-internet comms system.

Intuitive Controller – Handlebar-mounted controller puts control at a rider’s fingertips without unnecessary distractions.

Forcite next aims to replicate its Australian success in the U.S. market in 2020. Forcite will tour the U.S. ahead of launch, holding preview events with select dealerships, including renting an entire racetrack for a weekend to ensure prospective buyers can experience the MK1 firsthand.

The company anticipates the MK1 MSRP will be under $1,000.00 US dollars once released.

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Forcite is transforming the motorcycle helmet industry with a range of helmets designed to make the riding experience smarter and safer. Initially designed for motorcycle police officers to help with response times and ultimately save lives, Forcite has evolved its smart helmet to include all motorcyclists, resulting in a complete platform for the riding ecosystem that connects riders to roads, communities and cities. For more information on Forcite, visit

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