Introducing the CANsmart Controller for Harley-Davidson!

CANsmart HD

July 24, 2019 – (Motor Sports NewsWire) – DENALI’s ground-breaking Harley-Davidson CANbus controller provides plug & play connection and intelligent control of aftermarket and genuine Harley-Davidson accessories right from your bikes original switches or the DENALI Accessory Manager Software.

Simply connect the CANsmart™ Controller to your Harley-Davidson diagnostic port to create four intelligent accessory outputs for controlling passing lamps, turn signals, horns, brake lights, or any other accessory you can imagine.

CANsmart HD Road Glide

One of the most stand out feature sets is the ability to control auxiliary lighting right from your factory trip switch. You can turn lights on and off, change the intensity and set a high & low intensity that works in sync with your factory high beam switch. Other auxiliary light settings include a flash to pass feature, modulate lights feature, and a “cancel with turn signal” feature.

Moving to the rear of your bike, the intelligent brake light circuit will enable multiple flash pattern braking options as well as a deceleration activated “smart brake” feature that will automatically activate auxiliary brake lights before you even grab the brake.

The CANsmart also provide a universal accessory mode where you can power a phone charger, GPS or heated gear to name just a few options.

Each output provides up to 25 peak amps or 10 amps continuous. The circuits are electronically fused which means you can set them to whatever value you want, and if tripped, they will automatically reset with a cycle of the ignition.

Configuring your accessories couldn’t be any easier. Using DENALI’s free Accessory Manager Software you simply choose what accessories you want to run and then select which features you’d like to activate for each accessory. It’s that simple.

CANsmart HD Laptop computer isolated on white

Probably the most under-rated feature of the CANsmart is just how easy it is to install and connect accessories. DENALI includes 6 plug & play wiring harness so you can instantly connect DENALI driving lights, DRL’s, brake lights, horns and even genuine Harley-Davidson passing lamps right out of the box!

The CANsmart Controller redefines motorcycle lighting and electronics by doing what would seem to be impossible. It provides dozens of intelligent safety features and infinite customization while actually making it quicker and easier to install and operate your accessories.

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DENALI is the only brand that can provide a complete lighting and visibility package that includes the lights, light mounts, horn, horn mount, auxiliary brake light, and a single intelligent plug-n-play controller to provide effortless installation and integrated control of all your accessories.

Source: DENALI Elelctronics