New Record Set for Solo Cannonball Run on Motorcycle from NYC to LA

New Record Set for Solo Cannonball Run on Motorcycle from NYC to LA

Adam Frasca Breaks Motorcycle Cannonball Record From NYC to LA.

HARRISON, NY – April 24, 2019 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Adam Frasca has broken the solo Cannonball Run motorcycle record by 1 Hour and 42 minutes completing the coast to coast trip from the Red Ball Garage in New York City to the Portofino Hotel and Marina in Los Angeles, California in 37 Hours 07 minutes, breaking Carl Reese’s previous record of 38 Hours 49 minutes set in August 2015. Adam Frasca departed Manhattan, NYC at 12:03 AM EDT Tuesday, April 9th, 2019 and arrived Redondo Beach, LA at 10:10 AM PDT, riding his trusted steed named “Keyser Söze” which as legend tells, has been known to disappear from view while being watched. “Söze,” a 2014 Yamaha Super Ténéré XT1200Z, ran flawlessly across the country and improved in efficiency and performance over the length of the trip, ending in California running better than she began in New York. In total, Adam Frasca and Keyser Söze logged a total round trip coast to coast to coast from NY to CA and back to NY of 6196 miles in exactly 9 days and 2 hours, returning safely home where they began.

Adam Frasca, having become the 10th person to win the solo Cannonball Run challenge on a motorcycle, a direct lineage from the original Irwin “Cannonball” Baker’s 1914 run on his Indian motorcycle which took 11 days, has crossed The United States of America faster than any other person in history. According to Carl Reese, “12 people have walked on the moon but only ten people have held this record!” Frasca has dedicated himself to defending this title until the day he dies and welcomes anyone and everyone to attempt to beat his world record performance.

To officially document the record-breaking performance, notaries and camera crews were present at both the starting line and finish line, noting Adam Frasca’s identity with two forms of government issued identification, VIN # of the motorcycle, odometer readings and times & locations of departure and arrival. As well, prior record-holder Carl Resse himself, along with partner Deena Mastracci, were on scene for Frasca’s arrival at the Portofino Hotel and Marina confirming the record and documenting the arrival on video

Adam Frasca accomplished his venture completely unassisted by any support crews along the way, nor a home base of operations feeding him reports of the road ahead. He decided to eliminate all these outside distractions and focus on the road one mile at a time.

In preparation, 19 gallons of additional fuel capacity was added to the motorcycle in 3 separate tanks in an attempt to limit fuel stops to a maximum of 5. However, the jury-rigged system failed in Pennsylvania, purging over a gallon of gasoline onto his hot exhaust pipe horrifying Frasca to the risk of starting a fire and ending the mission before it began. As well, the fuel mishap completely doused the Spot GPS tracking unit in gasoline destroying it immediately and permanently (“Sorry” Spot). Frasca was forced to close off all the valves on the auxiliary system and run exclusively on the 6-gallon stock fuel tank. This constrained Frasca to completely dash his plans, forcing him to pit-stop at least 25 times for fuel across the course of the trip and costing him hours in total time.

The most difficult portion of the trip came in Utah, where Adam Frasca faced an intense blizzard, covering the lines in the roadway with enough snow to block them from view. Traction was near zero; speed was dropped down to 35 mph all while riding in 33 F degree weather for 5 hours. Upon exiting the snow of Utah, Frasca met the second hardest challenge of the trip in 50 mph crosswinds in Nevada. Riding a section of Interstate 15 South, a long & straight road, the motorcycle had to be leaned over to a 45-degree angle to maintain a straight course in combatting the force of the wind. Frasca said, “The gusts almost low-sided the bike many times, and it was a huge struggle to maintain operability in these conditions, especially after becoming quite possibly hypothermic from exposure during the freezing temperatures overnight.” Entering California’s famous sunshine warmed Frasca’s body and spirit to the finish line.

Two times along the record-breaking route, law enforcement decided to pleasantly introduce themselves to Mr. Frasca. In awe of his motorcycle prowess and riding abilities, they had to stop him and give their support for his bravery, fortitude, and determination (and maybe speed too).

To stay alert, Frasca followed a strict regime of coffee, Snickers bars, 5-Hour Energy shots, and water.

When asked why he decided to do this Frasca said “…because I knew I could, like throwing a rock at a barn wall, I felt I couldn’t miss, and I was right! A crazy idea if it failed but brilliant if it succeeded. It was brilliant!”

Adam Frasca would like to personally thank his beautiful, loving and supportive wife, Adena Edwards-Frasca and his two spectacularly amazing children, Zoe and Cooper, from the bottom of his heart for their love, support and dedication.

Along with the nuclear family supporting Team Cannonball rider, there has been an extended group of dedicated individuals including Team Captain Nicole Guglielmo, professional photographer, who has done more work than Adam during this venture. Thank you, Thank you. Thank you!

Also included is (732) 455-9688 for their amazing video work and dastardly editing skills! Check this group out; they are sweet! Thanks!

An extremely gracious and special “Thank You!” to Carl Reese and Deena Mastracci for all their support, generosity, charm, candor, sincerity and heartfelt happiness to share at the moment! I got to “shake the hand of my hero”, and he replied, “…and you’re mine.”

Additionally, a most appreciative “Thanks Again!” to my most important people, some in duplicate: Adena, Cooper, Zoe, Mom & Michael, Sheryl & Robert, Brandon & Nicole, Zach, Louis, Steve, Rich, Stephon, Darcie, and Dr. R.

Adam Frasca is very thankful for his two team sponsors – The Winning Team!:
Hippo Hands
Tozuda Head Impact Sensors

If you want the best darn mechanic on earth, see the team over at Yamaha of New Rochelle, NY aka Wheel Sport Center 914-636-7235 ask for Frank Sr., Frankie Jr., and Jose!!! Thanks, fellas, We did it!

Adam Frasca can be contacted and followed: or @cannonballrider on Instagram by email

Source: Adam Frasca