“Super PAC” created for Bikers to ROAR !

WASHINGTON, D.C. – December 31, 2018 – (Motor Sports Newswire) –  “American Citizen Biker Political Action Committee” (a “super PAC”) – for the upcoming national elections was registered at the offices of the Federal Elections Commission, with longtime motorcyclist activist and advocate Paul W. Cote of Amesbury, Massachusetts as its Executive Director. (web site http://citizenbikerpac.com/ )

Young Uncle Sam American Citizen Biker PAC

“Most local and State officials in each State know our ‘citizen bikers’ are one of the most active, effective, and loyal grassroots up-front, close and personal lobbying niche groups in America,” roared Cote, “and we’re gearing now for the 2020 Federal elections and beyond.”

A Facebook Page – American Citizen Biker is also set up for daily posts. (https://www.facebook.com/American-Citizen-Biker-318004688966539/)

A ‘super PAC’ can raise and accept ‘unlimited funds’ from individuals, corporations, unions and other committees, and make independent expenditures in support or opposition to candidates and issues. “Membership based political action committees” are limited to donations from their base membership only. American Citizen Biker PAC is not a ‘membership based PAC’ so our doors are open all all who support candidates who support our issues too, we CAN swing elections,” Cote added.

In the recent 2018 Federal Elections, its estimated over $5 billion was raised and spent.

“For all the volunteer work our politically active bikers do locally for candidates that support our issues, its time some on those campaign donors’ dollars were spent in our motorcycle community, in our magazines, newsletters, and social media outlets,” said Cote. “They can add fuel to our tanks.”

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over 8.6 million motorcycles were registered in the United States in 2016, owned by over 7 million citizens. Some referred to that ‘niche market’ of activism as ‘the leather lobby.’

Former NHGov now Rep Maggie Hassan
Former NH Gov now Rep Maggie Hassan

“We need to reach and rally all of them and get more on this Ride to 2020. I do believe the future of our life’s choices and way of life depend on getting supporting people elected.”

“Most of those who ride support the Constitution and its limits on the Federal Government, and cherish and defend our unalienable declared and given rights,” Cote claimed.

For 2020’s election, the campaigns begin now not only for President, but in 33 States for U.S. Senators and all 435 Congressional Representatives seats. “We will be active in all States, especially those key 33 States where Senators are up for election,” Cote said, “working with other bikers politically active in those States and the motorcycle media.”

“And we need to bring back some ‘civics’ and ‘coaching’ for some riders who may haven’t haven’t been active in awhile. I believe its correct, that ‘bad officials get elected when good people don’t vote. We need to be in the campaigns and ROAR to the polls in 2020.”

“Lots of us are Veterans who served or know others who served and wrote the check of freedom with their lives. A lot of times we are ‘underdogs’ and/or support those who for whatever reason are being hurt, victimized, can’t help themselves and we give them a ‘hand-up,’ not a ‘hand-out.’ “We are Americans. We are Citizens. And we are Bikers, who care and who act. There is not a lot of ‘gray’ in our world, except maybe on our heads and beards,” roared Cote. “We need to involve and empower all in our riding community how effective so few have been and how they can add to our power at the polls.”

www.CitizenBikerPac.com is set up with additional information, a ‘blog’ Cote (and guest writers) will do from the website 2 or more times a week over the next 80+ weeks, a ‘coaching civics’ page and a Paypal link for direct and monthly recurring donations, which will be funneled and bundled together for media buys in our motorcycle community and mailings.

PC at Woody's Ride 2018 by Allie Rou
Paul Cote at Woody’s Ride 2018

Federal Campaign law requires accumulated donations of more than $200 to list names, addresses, employers and occupations of donors.

A Facebook Page – American Citizen Biker is also set up for daily posts.

“Sometimes, what we ride, where we ride and who we ride with separate us but issues affecting us we get together, rallying together, and achieve together,” claimed Cote. “Everyone doing just a little bit with what they have, in time, money and talent, adds up to a whole lot of forward movement that few can stop. I’m proud of us who ride and roar.”

For more information or to donate, see www.CitizenBikerPAC.com and sign in and “like” Facebook Page – American Citizen Biker.

Cote can be contacted at Paul@CitizenBikerPAC.com.

Source: American Citizen Biker Political Action Committee