Royal Enfield and 18-Year-Old Cayla Rivas Set New Motorcycle Bonneville Speed Record In New Short Film

Royal Enfield and 18-Year-Old Cayla Rivas Set New Motorcycle Bonneville Speed Record

SEATTLE, WA – October 24, 2018 – (Motor Sports Newswire) –  Royal Enfield teamed up with 18-year-old motorcycle racer Cayla Rivas to set a new land speed record at the Bonneville Salt Flats as can be seen in the film produced by Seattle based content studio Freeride Entertainment and directed by Jeremy Grant.  The film features the Fresno, CA based Cayla Rivas as she chases FIM motorcycle speed records set by men twice her age.

Cayla Rivas states in the film, “I love breaking these old men’s hearts and stealing their records.”

The fully custom built bike showcased the new Royal 650cc twin engine which was tuned and designed by U.S. based S&S Cycle. The chassis was developed by superbike chassis manufacturers Harris Performance. By the end of the week long speed trials, Cayla and the bike hit a jaw dropping speed of 159 miles per hour on the measured mile, setting a new record for the class with a record return run of 157.03 mph (pending FIM certification). This will be Cayla’s 13th record and her new top speed.

Freeride Entertainment Director Jeremy Grant drew inspiration for the piece from his two young daughters.

“Making media is more than a really fun job, it comes with its share of responsibility. I have two young daughters and am always looking for strong female role models for them. When you look around you see that there are a lot of them but their stories just aren’t being told. That’s why sharing stories like Cayla’s are so important.”

Grant also wanted to bring a feeling of authenticity through the use of blending high tech 8K Red cameras and the use of a vintage Bolex 16mm film camera.

“Authenticity in advertising is a bit of an oxymoron and Royal Enfield knows this. Real people and real stories have the ability to break through the noise and we’re honoured Royal Enfield trusted us to share this one.

We wanted to play with the dichotomy of perfection and vulnerability. When Cayla is racing or when S&S and Harris Performance are building the bike there is a polished sense of perfection; we used 8K Red Cameras to highlight that. When we met these people we wanted to remove that vail of perfection and invest in them as humans, for this we used an old wind up 16mm bolex. The combination of sparkle and grit gave us a very honest look into the passion it takes to tackle the records.”


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