10/10 Declared Annual Motorsport Memorial Day

MIAMI, FL – October 9, 2018 – (Motor Sports Newswire) –  Motorsport Memorial Day has officially been recognized with an annual day of remembrance. The motorsport community can now dedicate every October 10th to honoring the drivers, marshals, instructors, crew members and fans who are no longer with us. The date was selected in tribute to those who approach motorsport at “10/10th’s.”

“We are proud to be able to honor those who have passed on a nationally recognized Motorsport Memorial Day,” said Henrique Cisneros, Chairman, Director and President of the Motorsport Safety Foundation. Established in honor of late pro driver Sean Edwards, the nonprofit organization is committed to improving safety standards in all forms of motorsport.

On this year’s day of remembrance, the charity will giveaway 100 ICEdot helmet stickers to supporters who post a commemorative image or memory on their social media pages using the hashtag #motorsportmemorialday. Alternatively, they make a donation in memoriam on its website: motorsport-safety.org/memorials

Each ICEdot helmet stickers includes a PIN code to allow first responders to SMS text message the number on the helmet sticker and instantly receive important medical information. Emergency contacts can also be notified if required.

By sharing images and stories on Motorsport Memorial Day, the racing community can come together and pay tribute to family members, friends, colleagues and heroes we have lost their lives.


The Motorsport Safety Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving safety standards in motorsport. It is a community that gives the motorsport industry a single voice, a place to share safety concerns and collaborate on research. The charity, founded in honor of late professional racecar driver Sean Edwards, continuously works to address issues that might help to prevent another driver, crew member, marshal or even fan from serious injury or death.

Source: Motorsport Safety Foundation Corp.

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