Holden Laris Wins 4 Wides at NGK Nationals

CHARLOTTE, NC – May 7, 2018 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Holden Laris won his 1st National Event Wally in the ultra-competitive class of Top Dragster this past weekend during the NHRA NGK Spark Plug 4-Wide Nationals.

“I have won a SportsNational Wally in the past, however, this is my first in Top Dragster and it is a completely different feeling,” Holden Laris continued, “It is a blast racing at 200 mph on every lap, I hope I can continue to improve each time out,” Laris smiled.

Holden Laris holding the Big Wally in Top Dragster

Holden Laris manages Laris Motorsports Insurance during the week and wheels his Procharger 200mph plus Dragster on the weekends while providing protection for racers who are his competitors.

“I love helping people, I want to drive race cars and help people,” stated Laris. “I hope I can make my family proud, while being successful in business and racing, so far I feel like I am on the right track,” Holden smiled.

Holden raced his way thru the competition with great lights, consistent car and the great team placed Laris in the finals against South Carolina runner Larry Roberts. Roberts missed the tree in the finals and gave Laris room for the win.

“That win light came on and it was great, it was late in the day and we didn’t have the hoopla at the top end, but it was a great feeling to see the Wally coming my way,” Laris chuckled.

The Laris family name is on fire so far in the 2018 season. The Laris Motorsports Insurance Team moves to Atlanta Dragway this weekend for the NHRA Southern Nationals. Catch all the action on NHRA.Com, Fox Sports and NHRA ALL Access.

“We will continue to push forward as we move deeper into the season for NHRA Championship contention,” Laris mentions. “I have to stay focused and continue to take care of customers and turn win lights on,” said Laris.

Sounds like the Laris family has a plan.

Source: Don O’Neal