EagleRider Announces Major Enhancements to Club EagleRider Membership Program

EagleRider Nearly Triples Rental Locations Providing Access to Motorcycle Sharing and Rentals Nationwide

LOS ANGELES – April 30, 2018 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – EagleRider, the world’s largest motorcycle rental and travel company, announced today major enhancements to its Club EagleRider membership program beginning immediately. For just $29 per month, Club EagleRider members gain access to a fleet of thousands of the newest 2018 model year motorcycles through EagleRider’s newly-expanded network of 100 participating Club locations across the United States.

Club EagleRider members will also enjoy savings averaging 65% over regular EagleRider rental rates, creating access to motorcycling in an economical way, anytime, anywhere. EagleRider is offering two additional rental credits as a promotion to customers that join the program by May 31, 2018.

Other program benefits include 20% off all EagleRider products including EagleRider apparel, additional rental days, packaged travel, and tours; even during peak periods. EagleRider’s fleet of motorcycles are expertly serviced and maintained so members only need to select a bike and enjoy the journey.

Club EagleRider is an enticing program for current motorcycle owners and enthusiasts to continue to ride while traveling for business or pleasure. EagleRider reports that 70 percent of existing Club EagleRider members own a motorcycle and use the program as a way to experience new product or while traveling away from home.

EagleRider has also identified an opportunity to reach the nearly eight million people with a motorcycle license that don’t own a bike or actively ride by making motorcycle rental and travel easy and affordable. With access to new model year bikes the Club also offers members a great way to try a variety of models before buying their next dream bike.

“Club EagleRider is our answer for both the sharing and experience economies because this program allows both new and experienced riders immediate access to motorcycles all over the country,” said Chris McIntyre, CEO and Co-founder of EagleRider. “The expanded network of locations and flexibility to rent bikes allow our members to do everything on road, off road, and anytime, everywhere.”

Enhancements to Club EagleRider also include a charter membership level, which will be offered to nearly 10,000 existing active Club EagleRider members. In addition to access to the expanded rental network, the charter membership provides new discount rates of 20 percent across all EagleRider tours, apparel and additional rentals, while retaining previous program benefits such as only one credit for Touring Class bikes.

Since its founding in 1992, EagleRider has worked to make motorcycle adventure more accessible and affordable with each new product offering. The latest improvement to Club EagleRider demonstrates the company’s dedication to empowering motorcycle enthusiasts and adventure travelers to do what they love, as often as they please.

For more information on the new locations, visit www.eaglerider.com/locations.

About EagleRider

Pioneering the motorcycle rental concept in 1992, EagleRider has since grown to become a motorcycle experience industry leader, fulfilling dreams of thousands of motorcyclists worldwide. EagleRider’s vast network of locations allows the company to offer a variety of motorcycle travel options and a Club EagleRider membership program – the first of its kind in the motorcycle industry. With EagleRider, motorcyclists have the option to select from the world’s largest fleet of Harley-Davidson® and other premium motorcycle brands. EagleRider has grown from four bikes in a home garage to a global company with thousands of motorcycles for rent, hundreds of tour options (guided, self-drive or custom) and exclusive apparel lines.

Source: EagleRider