Importance of Powersports Dealer Uniforms

WAUNAKEE, WI – March 30, 2018 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – As they say “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”. Here at, our mission is to set you up for a great first impression with your customers. Our just in time ordering program offers consistent and professional looking uniforms customized to represent not only your dealer logo but also all of your authorized OEM brands.

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Why are quality professional uniforms so important?

  1. Your employees are an extension of your dealership and their individual personal image is a representation of your business image.
  2. Employees do their best when they feel their best. Make sure that you dress your staff for success.
  3. Wearing a professional uniform provides you and your team a professional look and eliminates the need for your customer to ask the question “do you work here?” From you Administrative Staff to your Mechanics, we’ve got you covered with a variety of garments for all departments and all shapes, all sizes. We offer a variety of different garments in sizes XS-5X and many in tall sizes as well so that the entire team can dress their part.
  4. Having your employees be relatable to your customers is great. Having them look like your customers in off the rack OEM specific branded clothing, can be a problem. TTWW can help you to design a uniform to equally represent all brands that you are authorized to carry equally.
  5. Your employees are walking billboards. Whether they are driving, riding or walking home; whether they are stopping on the way home at their kid’s school , the grocery store, or a meeting, there may be no better form of advertising for your dealership. We want to help make sure that your walking billboards are carrying the right message about your business.

Throttle Threads workwear


About Throttle Threads

With over 15 years of experience producing high quality apparel and work wear, we remain committed to designing and servicing our products within the V-Twin and Metric Industry. Over the past few years we have developed in order to allow dealers to design, price and manage their orders online. Our program, by design, offers dealers the luxury of customized uniforms and apparel without the costs, hassle and loss risks associated with maintaining inventory. Our Industrial Work Wear line also includes performance options and is geared around our “Just In Time” ordering process which has gained much popularity over the years.

Source: BW Designs LLC

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