“Officine Maserati”: the new brand dedicated to Certified Pre-Owned programme by Maserati

MODENA, ITALY – March 9, 2018 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – The new Officine Maserati dedicated to Certified Pre-Owned programme will go live worldwide from the end of 2018. The Marque of the Trident’s new programme identifies and certifies the finest pre-owned Maserati cars.

The initiative adds value for customers as they can purchase a pre-owned Maserati with the guarantee that it has been carefully selected and rigorously tested to ensure it is technically perfect.

Officine Maserati Certified Pre-Owned

It allows Maserati to increase the range of services it offers customers, and gives its global dealer network an extra tool to drive commercial growth.

In fact, the Officine Maserati CPO programme involves the network more heavily than before. Authorised dealers can allow customers to exchange their current Maserati and put it towards the purchase of a new model − increasing the number of pre-owned Maserati cars the dealership has available.

Officine Maserati looks and feels like a distinct brand. It has its own logo, global strategy and dedicated display area inside showrooms. It is attempting to reach a new customer demographic for Maserati, while increasing existing customer loyalty with an exclusive offering and high-quality technical services.

The production of new Maserati cars has grown exponentially in recent years, thanks to the commercialisation of the latest-generation Quattroporte and Ghibli models and the launch of the Levante in 2016. This means there is a larger Maserati fleet than ever before – and it’s set to keep on growing.

The growth in new car business creates an opportunity for the Maserati dealer network to increase sales of pre-owned cars and associated services. For this reason, Maserati decided to create its first sub-brand, dedicated to the pre-owned car industry.

In brief, To qualify for Officine Maserati status, each car must pass a rigorous 121-point testing process. The programme also includes unlimited mileage and roadside assistance. The initiative involves the Maserati network more closely in its activities by allowing authorised dealers to enhance the fleet of Maserati cars available, offering a wider range of services and increasing customer loyalty.

Brand-specific corporate identity for the Officine Maserati Certified Pre-Owned programme in dealerships

As part of the network development programme, specially trained personnel will be available to help dealerships adapt to the “Officine Maserati” Certified Pre-Owned programme. In the most receptive markets, Officine Maserati flagship stores will be established as centres of excellence fully dedicated to the pre-owned car industry.

Nothing has been left to chance when it comes to aligning the customer experience for new and pre-owned car purchases. To that end, the programme has been injected with Maserati DNA.

“Officine Maserati” Certified Pre-Owned: marketing, digital & crm

Maserati has provided resources and tools dedicated to the “Officine Maserati” Certified Pre-Owned programme. This includes national and international websites such as maserati.com, B2C multimedia channels and dealer communications.

The launch of the “Officine Maserati” Certified Pre-Owned programme focuses solely on potential buyers. It includes digital marketing activity and a sophisticated, detailed CPO car locator.

Customers will receive a special Welcome Pack introducing them to the Maserati family. This direct contact with the brand will establish customer loyalty that can be strengthened over time.

Source: Maserati North America, Inc.