For Mercedes-Benz, this Year’s Big Game is Played on the Small Screen

Mercedes-Benz The Big Game

Mobile competition puts a new Mercedes-AMG C43 in play

For Mercedes-Benz USA (MBUSA), this year’s big game is actually called “Last Fan Standing,” and you can bet this chance to win a coveted Mercedes-AMG high-performance sports car will go into overtime! While New England and Philadelphia wage the ultimate battle for this year’s professional football championship title, thousands of dedicated Mercedes-Benz fans across the U.S. will have to fight the distractions of an exciting game, hilarious advertisements and a jaw-dropping halftime performance to keep their eyes, and fingers, on the prize.

“Last Fan Standing” is a modern take on a classic challenge in which contenders test their patience and stamina in the hopes of winning a new car by being the last person with a finger planted on the vehicle. This new digital version requires players to use their fingers to follow a virtual Mercedes-AMG C43 Coupe around a smartphone screen until their patience or attention gives way. However, the original rules remain the same: lose contact with the car, you’re out. The last person touching the car wins it.  As the game difficulty progresses and contestants drop out, a live counter will show the number of players remaining and how long they’ve managed to hang onto the Mercedes-AMG C43 Coupe.

“We wanted to get beyond the traditional game-day executions and do something that was more reflective of the social co-viewing phenomena that game day has become with people alternating between watching the big screen and socializing on the small one,” said Drew Slaven, vice president of marketing for MBUSA.  “Earlier this year we launched a digital campaign for our high-performance Mercedes-AMG models called ‘Join the Obsessed’ and that’s what inspired Last Fan Standing.  So, may the most obsessed win on February 4.”

Participants who are raring to go will have plenty of time to practice before the official competition starts at 6:30 p.m. EST (the scheduled kickoff time) on Sunday, Feb. 4. Beginning Jan. 31, players can hone their “digital” dexterity through an interactive training game that allows them to practice tracking the car across their phone’s screen, set up reminders and invite their friends to play by visiting On game day Feb. 4th (12:00am – 6:25pm), players can officially register and read-up on tips and tactics for success, such as phone charging advice, tackling bathroom breaks and more.

After registering on Feb 4, players who share on Twitter that they’re joining the game can score a one-off, five minute “timeout” to use at their convenience – a real lifesaver for a challenge that could last long beyond the football game’s final whistle.

(Atlantans will probably recognize the football field that the vehicle traverses – it’s the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, site of the 2019 Super Bowl.)

To learn more about this integrated campaign and sign up to play or watch as friends play, visit and watch the trailer.

Source: Mercedes-Benz USA