ROHVA Encourages Serious Side-by-Side Fun Over Winter Holidays

IRVINE, CA – December 18, 2017 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Many recreational off-highway vehicle enthusiasts lucky enough to have good weather will spend some winter holiday time with family and friends on America’s beautiful trails and dunes. The Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association, and major ROV manufacturers and distributors, want to remind drivers and passengers to be safe and responsible while enjoying their outdoor fun.

“The holidays are here and for many drivers fortunate to have mild weather, it’s the perfect time to get out and enjoy their side-by-sides,” said ROHVA President Erik Pritchard. “Of course, we want those adventures to wrap up with memories of good times, and that starts with staying safe. And anyone can get a free online, interactive refresher course on driving safety by visiting our website,”

The website offers tips including safety strategies and guidelines, techniques for prepping yourself and your vehicle and advice on good trail etiquette.

“We encourage everyone to take the free ROV E-Course and our hands-on ROV Basic DriverCourse,” Pritchard said. “It’s the best way to learn about side-by-side safety and driving skills. Learning how to better handle these vehicles is not only fun, it will also help keep everyone safe and help protect our driving areas for years to come.”

All drivers and passengers are encouraged to follow these safety guidelines:

ROHVA’s Safety Guidelines

  1. Always fasten your seat belt, wear a helmet and other protective gear and keep all parts of your body inside the ROV.
  2. Avoid paved surfaces. ROVs are designed to be operated off-highway.
  3. Drive only in designated areas, at a safe speed, and use care when turning and crossing slopes.
  4. Never drive or ride under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  5. Never drive an ROV unless you’re 16 or older and have a valid driver’s license. ROVs are not toys.
  6. Never carry more passengers than the ROV is designed for, and never allow a passenger who is too small to sit in a passenger seat to ride in the ROV.
  7. Read and follow the operator’s manual and warning labels.
  8. Take a hands-on ROV Basic DriverCourse and the free online E-Course. Visit or call 866.267.2751

Get Trained
ROHVA’s ROV Basic DriverCourse allows drivers to get behind the wheel for about three hours to learn skills crucial for being safe in an ROV. A certified ROHVA DriverCoach guides students through hands-on driving exercises and encourages them to engage in group discussions between exercises. The course includes six closed range exercises and up to seven optional open trail experiences, depending on available terrain.

The free E-Course at is ideal for helping first time ROV drivers learn proper safety precautions. It’s great for experienced drivers who wish to refresh their ROV skills and safe driving habits. The two-hour course is intended to improve awareness and inspire a safety-minded approach to off-road recreation. Users can take the safety course at their leisure. They have the ability stop the course at any time, save their progress, and pick up where they left off at a later time. Go to for more information.

The Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association is a national industry organization that promotes the safe and responsible use of ROVs. ROHVA is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to develop equipment, configuration and performance standards. Based in Irvine, Calif., the not-for-profit association is sponsored by BRP, Honda, Kawasaki, Mahindra, Polaris, Textron Off Road, Yamaha and Yanmar.

Source: Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association