Why the Y-Blade?

One Pass Gel Blade - Y-Blade

One Pass Gel Blade Is Better By Design!

HOLLISTER, CA -December 13, 2017 – (Motor Sports Newswire) –  Hot Rod legend Don Varner likes to tinker. He is captivated by thinking outside the box to make something more efficient, effective or even aesthetically more appealing. Take the humble squeegee…

When Don designed the first “Water Blade” in 1996, it changed car care. Now known as the Original Water Blade, the original has evolved as Varner created a more efficient “Y Blade” edge that effectively removes more than 90% of standing water in, you guessed it, ONE PASS!

One Pass Gel Blade - Y-Blade

“It was a pretty good idea, back then,” says Varner. It is a much better idea now! Back in the ’90s he created the Original T-Bar blade. It was the first of its kind and revolutionized car care forever. He also pioneered the use of medical grade silicone to create a unique new squeegee design that would be safe for use anywhere. Although the T-Bar Water Blade was already having great success and the praise was rolling in from car detailer pros and average Joes alike, he set about making the new version that served as the basis for the all new 12″ Gel Blade.

“We took one of our most popular models of water blade, and essentially built a better mousetrap,” says Varner. Unlike those rigid plastic or metal models, the Gel Blade is totally flexible, so it conforms to almost any shape. But why the Y blade vs. a conventional T blade?

A T-bar uses its edge as the contact point, and the blade molds over irregularities like rivets to easily whisk away water. The thicker body of the blade keeps gentle pressure on the “T” edge, which is why it works better than a flat silicone blade, according to Varner. “But the Hydroglide Y-blade is even better. Once again, it’s the thin leading edge that does the work. In this case, we built the body thicker with a flex point just above the Y-blade edge. This gave us the ability to build structural support in the body while using a lower durometer silicone.”

One Pass Gel Blade - Y-Blade

Unlike a bunch of soggy chamois cloths, the medical grade silicone resists all mold and mildew. Better yet, for those mirror shine surfaces like a classic hot rod, the Y-Blade offers 15-times less friction than a terrycloth towel. It can be used for kitchen and bath chores, too. Varner even offers a full 5-year warranty on all Gel Blades.


  • Patented Y-Bar edge removes more than 90% of standing water
  • Flexible Water Blade conforms to almost any shape
  • 100% Medical Grade silicone blade won’t scratch most surfaces & paints
  • 15 times less friction than terrycloth towels
  • Virtually eliminates messy towels and soggy chamois’
  • Excellent for kitchen & bath usage too
  • Temperature and chemical resistant
  • MSRP $21.95

More details on the One Pass 12” Gel Blade can be found here:

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About One Pass USA

One Pass founder Don Varner is a professional innovator, inveterate tinkerer and legend in the automotive world. Hot rod enthusiasts might recognize him as the designer behind such famous custom ‘Rods as El Matador, Silhouette and The California Star. Varner turned the custom world on its ear back in 1984 when California Star took top honors at the Grand National Oakland Roadster Show. Despite enormous controversy, Don’s version of the classic 1927 Model T earned the title “World’s Most Beautiful Roadster” and cemented his place in the automotive world. It was this kind of disruptive solution that brought the original Water Blade into existence, upending the car care world in the process. That sounds a bit dramatic, but take a look at how many copies have hit the market since and you’ll see what we mean. When we released the first Water Blade in 1996, it was called the “Original California Water Blade” — now it’s simply Original Water Blade. Don takes enormous pride in every product he designs, so you know if it bears the One Pass name, it’s a game changer!

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